Guy Dares Expert Hackers To Hack Him, Quickly Regrets It

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Guy Dares Expert Hackers To Hack Him, Quickly Regrets It

Kevin Roose thought it would be a good idea to challenge two hackers to delve as far into his online life as possible. Kevin Roose was wrong.

He gave them two weeks to hack him as deeply and thoroughly as they could, but without doing any irreversible damage. That was sensible.

They managed to convince his phone service provider to change his password (over the phone!) which lead to him being completely locked out of his own account. They also took pictures of him every two minutes via his webcam.

One hacker says he effectively took over Roose's identity - the only thing he couldn't change was his fingerprint.


It's an unbelievable piece of film, you really should check it out.

Oh, and be nice to hackers. They can fuck you up.

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Mel Ramsay
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