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Man takes Cybertruck through automatic car wash despite Tesla's warning not to use them

Man takes Cybertruck through automatic car wash despite Tesla's warning not to use them

Tesla specifically warns Cybertruck owners that doing so can cause damage to one specific part of the car

One Cybertruck owner has done the rounds online after purposely not following the warnings that came with his vehicle.

The Tesla truck itself has made headlines non-stop since its release to the public in 2023, from its odd brake lights to Elon Musk actually breaking one of its windows at its reveal in 2019.

Content creator Jeremy Judkins has gone viral all on his own though, as the owner of the odd-looking vehicle that is still not available in the UK.

The American TikToker decided to go against what the manufacturers themselves recommended, and took his vehicle through an automatic car wash, despite the risks associated with doing so.

Couldn't go wrong, could it?

Known for posting Tesla content, Jeremy explained that he recently got his car cleaned, with the disclaimer: "Do not ever do this with your Tesla Cybertruck,

"Do not take it through an automatic car wash."

He joked: “But, do as I say, not as I do, because of course I did it myself.”

With over 370k views on the social media platform, the video has caught the attention of numerous users.

The video revealed that Jeremy was sitting in the backseat of the truck, with someone else driving the car.

Tesla officially recommends that you go to a touchless car wash, if any, as they do not contain brushes or anything else that will touch and potentially damage the exterior.

But the Tesla owner's manual does say that the solutions used at some touchless car washes can discolour the outside of the car.

He made the bold call of taking his giant pick-up through the wash. (TikTok/jeremyjudkins2)
He made the bold call of taking his giant pick-up through the wash. (TikTok/jeremyjudkins2)

The car's warranty doesn't cover damage to the car's paint and exterior, to which Jeremy responded: “A Cybertruck doesn’t have paint,so what is there to damage? That’s kind of the question I have,” he claimed.

Accepting that his vehicle could get 'scratches', he didn't think significant damage could be inflicted on the car from some brushes.

After going through the daunting machine, he shared the end product with viewers after being cleaned.

He warned that the vehicle's tonneau cover wasn't waterproof, as some water had leaked into the back, and advised not to put 'anything too expensive' in that section if there was a chance of getting wet.

But all in all, the risk paid off, as he was happy with the end product.

Jeremy explained: “There are some spots that need to be detailed, but overall it looks really good,

“Kind of what you’d expect from a car wash-type scenario.”

The car looked scratch-free after the wash. (Tiktok/jeremyjudkins2)
The car looked scratch-free after the wash. (Tiktok/jeremyjudkins2)

But the risk in itself was enough to have some viewers leaving thoughts of scepticism in the comments about whether the investment was worth it.

One user said: "So Tesla paint can’t even survive a car wash? Reason no. 4256 why I’m not getting a Tesla"

Another put: "No one should take any car they actually care about through a non touchless car wash lol"

A third posted: "Lol the bullet proof truck can’t handle a little soapy water and some soft bristles? if I paid all that money for it I’d be washing it too".

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/jeremyjudkins2

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