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Terrifying Model Shows What Avid Gamers Could Look Like In 20 Years

Terrifying Model Shows What Avid Gamers Could Look Like In 20 Years

The model, named Michael, has bloodshot eyes, swollen ankles and a hunched back

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Researchers have created a model of what a gaming addict could find themselves looking like in 20 years' time - and let me tell you, it is not pretty.

The model, which has been named Michael, was created by and shows how the physical changes an avid gamer might undergo over the next two decades if they don't change their habits.

Poor Michael has a hunched back from poor posture, and dark circles under his bloodshot eyes from sleep deprivation and excessive screen time.

The model shows the affect gaming addiction could have on the body after 20 years.

He has pale skin and vitamin D and B12 deficiencies, while his lack of exercise has made him obese and he has repetitive strain in his thumbs and ulceration on his hands from using a controller for long periods.

Michael has varicose veins from poor blood flow, caused by sitting down for long periods of time, and swollen ankles. Lack of sunlight has led to bald patches, while his ears are hairy because of poor air circulation.

His shoulders have become rounded and he has an indent in his head from years of 'consistent, light pressure' from wearing a headset. He also has stress-induced eczema and repetitive strain injury in his 'trigger finger'.

The research was carried out to using globally-sourced reports on the physical impacts of gaming addiction.

Gaming addiction is now recognised by the World Health Organisation as an official psychological disorder and is distinguished from healthy gaming by 'impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences'.

Gaming addiction is classified as an official psychological disorder by the World Health Organisation.

Of course, with so many of us in lockdown, gaming has become a way to pass the time and there's nothing wrong with that - as long as people remember to look after themselves.

Researchers have shared five tips to help avid gamers stay fit and healthy and they're all fairly simple enough.

1) Exercise - regular exercise and stretching will help keep joints in good condition and tackle obesity.

2) Prevent eye strain - keep the room where you do your gaming well-lit and give your eyes a break from the screen in between games.

3) Healthy diet - making sure you eat a balanced nutritious diet will not only go a long way to keeping you healthy, you'll also see an improvement in your game play if your body is well-fuelled.

4) Posture - remind yourself to sit properly and support your back. Invest in a decent chair, make sure your monitor is at eye-level and take breaks to stretch out your back.

5) Hydrate - make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid excessively drinking fizzy drinks.

You can check out the full research here.

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