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How To Stop Spotify, Netflix, YouTube And More Rinsing Your Data Allowance

How To Stop Spotify, Netflix, YouTube And More Rinsing Your Data Allowance

Still racking up a giant phone bill and caning you data allowance each month?

Well it's probably exactly what you deserve. If you haven't worked out how to change your streaming settings on apps like Spotify by this point, then maybe you're just not made for the 21st century. You know, evolve or be extinct and all that.

Alas, I only know this because I racked up a £180 phone bill exactly a year ago today. Time Hop told me so.

So here's how you can save money on data and spend it all on gin and ketamine or whatever it is young people spend money on.



If you don't have unlimited data usage, you should literally never use Spotify unless you're on WiFi, common sense should tell you that.

It eats your data like a musical Pac Man. Fortunately there are settings that enable you to disable downloading while on mobile data.


However if you're intent on twatting your phone bill by playing Jess Glynne at house parties where they won't give you the WiFi code, just lower the stream quality.


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Again, very straight forward, simply go into your phone's general settings and find the music section. Once you're there just unselect the Use Mobile Data tab under Streaming & Downloads.


Of course if you want to use your data to play songs, then go ahead.


If you're using Netflix on mobile data I'm not sure you can be trusted with a smart phone or tablet. Honestly, just go to Starbucks or Costa and watch Making A Murderer there.


You can access the data settings via their website though and just select the lowest streaming settings so it looks like you're watching a 360p YouTube vid from 2007.


Imagine this is Pornhub basically, but in reverse. That 720p deep throat is gonna look sweet but it's gonna gobble (ayooo) your data, go 240p bro and keep your phone bill down. That way you can take a real life girl out with the money you've saved.


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