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VR Headset Specially Made For Adult Content Could Be Yours In Time For Christmas

VR Headset Specially Made For Adult Content Could Be Yours In Time For Christmas

The VR headsets are available for less than $200

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Christmas is the time for giving, and if you're still looking for the perfect gift for that special someone then why not splash out on this VR headset, specially made for viewing adult content?

The PVR IRIS is being sold on Amazon for $199 (£156) and as well as offering wearers an immersive pornographic experience it also comes with a year's free membership to PVR.FUN, which it describes as 'Netflix for adult content'. Bold claim.

The headset offers an 'immersive experience' for fans of adult movies.

Ela Darling, chief marketing officer at PVR, told the Mirror: "While a VR headset has been a favourite holiday shopping gift for a couple of years now, the PVR IRIS is unique in that it's the first of its kind to optimise the viewing experience exclusively for adult video."

But you don't have to take PVR's word for it, there are also some glowing reviews online. One satisfied customer said: "I have never experienced anything like this.The lightweight construction allows me to focus on the experience without feeling uncomfortable in the headset. Trust me when I say that there has NEVER been a headset like this before." High praise indeed.

The headset boasts a 5.5inch screen, which displays content in 'crystal clear' resolution and has an impressive three-hour battery life, for some reason...


It's also light, weighing less than 300g, so is comfortable to wear and, thanks to a fancy 'Fresnel optical system' and anti-distortion and dispersion systems, you won't get dizzy, apparently. Great news, because let's be honest, that is really the last thing you need in this situation, isn't it?

Ela added: "The PVR IRIS is the next step in virtual reality, utilising blockchain technology to search for content more quickly with total security and anonymity, while providing a huge content library from the adult industry's most popular studios.

"And it makes the PERFECT Christmas gift for your favourite porn aficionado... or to enjoy just for yourself!"

If you fancy getting your mitts on one, you can do so here. Oh, and don't worry, according to the site it comes in discreet packaging, so you won't need to worry about your neighbours knowing about you being a 'porn aficionado'.

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Featured Image Credit: Amazon/PVR ISIS

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