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Who is Adnan Syed's wife?

Who is Adnan Syed's wife?

Adnan Syed is being released from prison to home detention, but who is he married to?

A Baltimore judge has called for Adnan Syed to be released from prison to home detention after spending more than two decades inside.

He was imprisoned at the age of 18 after being sentenced for the murder of his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee, but prosecutors moved to vacate the ruling.

It was the focus of smash-hit true crime podcast Serial, where every detail of his life was scrutinised.

Reports said he had a secret marriage while in prison, but who is his wife?

Who is Adnan Syed's wife?

Many true crime fans start with the Serial podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, and were surprised to find out Syed had married while in prison but it was never mentioned in the show.

Rumours of a wedding first started on the the Adnan Syed Reddit forum that is regarded as an ‘encyclopedia’ of his life.

It was then confirmed on Undisclosed, a follow-up to Serial which is hosted by Syed's old friend Rabia Chaudry.

Chaudry confirmed the rumours of a marriage were true, but revealed that Syed has since got divorced.

Back in 2015 the podcast tweeted: "Yes it’s true, married but divorced later. Still friends today."

Someone asked if his wife was connected to the case, and the Undisclosed account replied: "No."

They also said that Koenig didn't include it in the Serial podcast to keep the focus on the case.

His wife has been referred to as Kandra, and according to Chaudry she met Adnan through visits to another prisoner at the Jessup Correctional Institution.

It is said the couple married in an Islamic ceremony in 2008.

However, it wasn't to last and the pair later divorced after two years when Syed was moved to a supermax prison where his ability to communicate was slashed.

It was reported that Kandra was the daughter of one of his fellow inmates.

Chaudry wrote a book, and in it she claims that Syed somehow gathered a $10,000 "dowry" doing odd jobs behind bars over the course of eight years.

It is not known if Syed had since remarried, but his conviction for the murder of his girlfriend in 1999 has now been overturned.

Fans of Syed have been celebrating after a circuit court judge, Melissa Phinn, gave orders for Syed to be released to home detention with GPS monitoring after she ruled that the state "violated its legal obligation to share exculpatory evidence with Syed’s defence."

The state now has 30 days to seek a new trial or dismiss the case.

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