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Charles Manson sent creepy ‘X marks the spot’ letter to Sharon Tate’s sister from prison

Charles Manson sent creepy ‘X marks the spot’ letter to Sharon Tate’s sister from prison

Debra Tate believes the letter holds clues as to the whereabouts of other Manson Family victims

In a new interview, the sister of Sharon Tate has revealed the contents of a creepy letter Charles Manson sent to her before he died in prison.

Speaking to The Sun, Debra Tate claims that she received a drawing from the former cult leader of the Manson Family, which was a clue as to the location of hidden corpses.

Debra's sister Sharon, a Hollywood actress, was slain in 1969 by members of the Manson Family at the behest of Manson.

The 69-year-old has been a long-time victim's advocate having appeared at every court hearing relating to ex-Manson Family members since 1998.

Debra Tate, who was just 10 when her sister Sharon was killed.

As she tells The Sun, one of her ambitions in later life has been to try and discover the truth about persistent rumours that link other murders to Manson and his followers.

Officially, Manson Family members are known to have killed eight people over the course of two nights in August 1969.

Several members killed all five people inside the house where Sharon Tate lived, including the actress - who was pregnant at the time.

One night later, couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were also brutally murdered at nearby Beverly Hills home in LA.

However, with many more unsolved murders and disappearances taking place around that time, investigators have long suspected that there are more victims of the group's more violent members.

Debra's sister Sharon Tate was murdered in 1969.

In an attempt to get to the truth of the matter, Debra contacted Manson, who was serving a life-sentence at Central California's Corcoran State Prison for his crimes.

The inmate, before he passed away in 2017, replied to her letter - much to Tate's surprize.

"Charles Manson's letter rattled on just like he did," she said in the interview.

"He was writing about how he was an outlaw, and that he lives by outlaw rules, meaning he would never rat on any of his brothers and sisters, even though some of them had done it to him.

"But he drew me a little picture that was an exact replica of the Panamint Mountains, the mountain range surrounding Barker Ranch where Manson was hiding out after the murders and eventually captured," Tate continued.

Charles Manson died of colon cancel in 2017 at the age of 83.
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The Sun reports that in the foreground of the drawing was 'little X-marks' that she believed could be the final resting place for other victims of the cult. 

"I think that was his way of telling me something and answering my questions while remaining true to his own doctrine of living the outlaw life," Tate added.

Back in 2008, she led an extensive search of Baker Ranch, where Manson and many other family members hid out in the final days before their eventual arrest.

While Manson didn't physically murder any of the eight victims during two nights of chaos in August 1969 (instead instructing family members to do so) he is believed to have shot drug dealer Bernard Crowe - who managed to survive.

It is the only known example of him actively trying to kill someone, but Tate hopes her efforts will uncover more unsavoury truths about the ex-cult leader.

The 2008 search at Baker Ranch was called off after only a few months, as no remains or evidence was uncovered.

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