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Extremely in-depth description of being shot in throat comes with a warning

Extremely in-depth description of being shot in throat comes with a warning

The throat is the 'most traumatic' place to be shot

Given that a sore throat is often enough to leave people out of action, it's no surprise that a graphic description of being shot in the neck comes with a warning.

Usually the only shots people want entering their throats are alcoholic ones - and even then it's questionable. But given our love for all things morbid, gruesome and true crime, you can now find out exactly how it would feel to have a bullet strike you through the neck.

I'll say it again for the people in the back - warning: Graphic descriptions:

The informative video comes courtesy of TikToker Jade Loves Crime, who also hosts a podcast named Jade Explains Death. That probably teaches us all we need to know about Jade, and it's clear she's the perfect person to offer up this description for us.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 87,000 times, Jade explains that the throat is one of 'the most traumatic places on your body that you can be shot'.

Obviously being shot anywhere isn't ideal, but Jade says that being shot in the throat sparks a lot of 'disgusting sensations' while also ruling out the possibility of an 'instant death'.

"There are a lot of juicy veins and arteries that can be severed, but it will take way too much time to bleed out. Suffocation is also on the table," the TikToker explains.

According to Jade, being shot in the throat leaves the victim feeling like they're trying to 'force down molten glass' from 'the moment that the hunk of burning metal soars into your throat'.

You don't want to be shot anywhere, but especially not here.

Imagine that razor-like pain that comes with trying to swallow in the midst of a bad cold, and you're probably about five percent of the way there.

Things only get worse - and more graphic - from there, so prepare yourselves.

"A rotten explosion of hot, viscousy blood will boil into your mouth and out of your gaping neck wound. There will be no beating the vile taste of rusted pennies," Jade says.

You better hope your trachea isn't punctured, but in the 'highly likely' case that it is, you can look forward to not being able to breathe and experiencing the feeling of 'choking on a lit sparkler'.

Rather than enjoying a peaceful and reflective look back over your life, you'll instead spend your final four to eight minutes of life 'wishing for death to arrive'.

So there you have it. It's unclear exactly how Jade knows all of the this information, but even if she's only half right, it's an experience you definitely want to avoid.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Burrell / Alamy Pixabay

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