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Goat Bought To Be Sold Hugs Owner And Cries Like Human

Shola Lee

| Last updated 

Goat Bought To Be Sold Hugs Owner And Cries Like Human

A goat that was bought to be sold hugs its owner and cries like a child. You can see the heartbreaking video below, but be warned, it might have you welling up.


Yep, just when you thought the internet had run out of wholesome animal videos, a speckled goat creeps up on you.

It's a story that'll make you want to hug your kids and if you're not fortunate enough to own a goat, your children.


The footage was shared on Twitter by @ram_vegan, and aside from the flute instrumental that sounds like the inside of any spa ever, it's pretty cute.

As the Twitter user went on to say: "Even animals who can’t speak have feelings and emotions.

"Despite not being able to speak, they love their owner dearly.

"When separated from the owner, their soul hurts."

The goat seemed sad to say the least. Credit: @ram_vegan/Twitter
The goat seemed sad to say the least. Credit: @ram_vegan/Twitter

And, actually, the user isn't far off, because it turns out that goats cry or "bleat to communicate. They may vocalise when they are hungry, hurt or signalling danger to their herd.

"Mother goats may also call to their young kids when they get separated," according to the Natural History Museum.

Be right back while we go cry.


Still, the video wasn't just a wholesome display of love, as the Twitter user went on to suggest that maybe the video should make people rethink their carnivorous ways, adding: "If you eat meat, you too are part of this.


Before going on to say: "There will come a time where humans will have to answer for all these.

"Nature will do it for us one day brutally."


We hope that doesn't mean we'll be sold like the goat, but it's definitely some food for thought.

Featured Image Credit: @ram_vegan/Twitter

Topics: Animals, Twitter, Viral, News, Social Media

Shola Lee
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