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Man given answers he doesn’t want to hear after asking what device found in Airbnb is

Man given answers he doesn’t want to hear after asking what device found in Airbnb is

Some people thought the odd device was a little suss

Finding some kind of unknown ‘device’ when you check-in to an Airbnb might make you feel a little uncomfortable, to say the least.

Just finding something weird in the place could leave you lying awake the whole night, looking up at the ceiling as you wonder just what the f**k that thing is and what it’s for, rather than enjoying your travels.

But things were stepped up to a whole new creepier level for this man when he was given answers he didn’t want to hear after asking what the device in his Airbnb was.

User ‘bigbadchief’ took to the Reddit thread ‘what is this thing’ to figure out just what the weird looking thing plugged into the wall was as he checked in for a stay.

Some users thought it was a camera. (Reddit)
Some users thought it was a camera. (Reddit)

“Round, black electronic device on the wall in my Spanish Airbnb,” they wrote. “The ball in the centre moves around a bit.”

They then attached four images of an odd-looking black circle with a small red LED light on the side, attached to the wall and plugged in.

In the middle is the little black ball and it all looks rather inconspicuous. And a little scarily, many users gave the same response as one said if it’s not a ‘motion detector’, then it’s ‘the worst hidden camera in the world’.

And while some agreed: “It looks a lot like an old motion detector to me, too! I compared pics online and it’s super similar to some I saw.”

Some thought it was a motion detector for lights. (Reddit)
Some thought it was a motion detector for lights. (Reddit)

There were plenty who were suspicious of its purpose, writing: “Does your camera on your phone see any IR light that your eyes don’t see? Modern Rogue has a video about finding spy devices that could apply here.”

Another echoed: “If that device on the wall has IR light coming out of it, it could either be some sort of sensor, such as a motion sensor, or it could be a camera equipped with night vision (cameras use infrared light to see in the dark).”

Others said they did an image search and found that it was a ‘camera’ too, with many believing the Airbnb host had fitted a security camera to watch what was going on in the place.

However, it turns out those claims were totally wrong as the poster eventually issued an update.

“Solved! I asked the Airbnb host and they said it’s a temperature sensor for the air conditioning,” they wrote.

“I am reasonably confident that it’s not a camera so I’m inclined to believe their explanation.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Getty Stock Images

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