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American Woman Questions Why Her Husband Keeps His Pyjamas Under The Pillow

American Woman Questions Why Her Husband Keeps His Pyjamas Under The Pillow

Americans and British people have their similarities, but also significant differences

An American woman has been questioning her British husband’s decision to keep his pyjamas underneath his pillow when he’s not wearing them. You can see what she reckons about the whole thing in the video below.

Obviously, there’s a decent number of similarities between the people of the United States and Britain, but there are a couple of stark differences, too.

We say ‘pavement’, they say ‘sidewalk’, they say ‘cheese’, we say ‘flimsy rubber doorstop’.

Still, this married couple seem to understand each other pretty well, unless it comes to where they store their nightwear when they get out of bed.

Chloe Tucker Caine lives in New York with her British husband and has grown a sizeable TikTok following by posting light-hearted clips about the differences in experience between her and her significant other.

In a recently shared video, she explained how her husband has a ‘really weird’ habit of leaving his pyjamas underneath the pillow, asking her followers: “Is this normal? I need to know.”

The woman was truly baffled by her British husband's habit.

She’s been hit with hundreds of opinions on the matter, with many Brits getting involved to tell her that it’s ‘totally normal’ and others even asking her where else she is going to keep her PJs.

One such comment read: “I do this too, from Scotland. it's so they're not in the wash coz they're not dirty but not in the drawers coz they're not clean [sic].”

Another said: “Yeah sometimes. To hide them so the bed looks nice. I fold mine at the end of the bed.”

It seems perfectly normal to most of us – those of us who wear pyjamas, anyway – that you’d keep them in the bed and out of sight.

After all, where are the Americans keeping them?

A third person posed the question: “Well where would you put your PJs?? They go under the pillow so you know where they are at bed time.”

Others have – quite rightly – pointed out that she should just be thankful that he is putting them anywhere other than just flinging them on the floor.

Honestly, where else are they supposed to go?

Sure, a lot of people’s husbands are probably guilty of that.

In other videos, Chloe as asked why it is that people from the UK call it a dog ‘lead’ not a dog ‘leash’.

Well, whilst you do ‘leash’ it, you also ‘lead’ it around, don’t you?

As one person rightly pointed out: “It's a dog lead because it leads the dog.”

That settles that one, then.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chloeinmanhattan

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