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Mum Shares Photos Of Her Dogs Camouflaged Into Her Velvet Sofa

Mum Shares Photos Of Her Dogs Camouflaged Into Her Velvet Sofa

The French bulldogs are masters of disguise when sitting on the couch

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A mum has revealed she has to check her sofa carefully before plonking down on it because her dogs blend into it so seamlessly.

Now, dogs aren't renowned for their camouflage abilities, but - as you can see - the Grantham family are right to check the couch before sitting down, because you'd never spot them if they were on it.

The three French bulldogs are called Rocco, Vinnie and Blue, and Rocco and Vinnie's merle markings make it incredibly difficult to spot them in the velvet couch of a similar colour that sits in the Grantham family's Lincolnshire home.

Splitpics UK

The family also have a black Labrador called Alfie, but he's a bit easier to recognise if he's on the sofa.

Tina, her husband Simon, and two children Harley and Flynn love sharing shots of their puppies hiding away in the various nooks and crannies offered by the couch.

Tina, 44, explained: "When we bought them [Rocco and Vinnie] we realised how well they matched and blended with the sofa.

"The sofa being plush velvet in dark grey and silver tones the pups blend perfectly and it's sometimes difficult to spot them thinking they are cushions.

Splitpics UK

"I don't think they know they are camouflaged with the couch however, but they spend a lot of time hiding behind the cushions and peeking out.

"They absolutely melt our hearts, and they are the most loving, sweetest pups."

The family hadn't always intended to buy the two youngest pups - Rocco and Vinnie - together, but when each of their sons fell for a different dog they realised that they would have a hard job to decide which one to get.

So, both came home with the family.

Tina continued: "We went to purchase one puppy, Rocco, and when we arrived at the breeders there were two puppies left.

"Harley my eldest fell in love with Rocco and Flynn said Vinnie was his best friend."

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"Simon my husband sent us all to the car to make a decision because I couldn't. He came out with a puppy each for the boys.

"They were ecstatic and both dogs are gentle and caring with both children.

"Although they have a puppy each both pups are loved and adored as much as the other and that decision my husband so 'bravely' made to buy two was definitely the best decision for us as a family."

The reaction to the photographs that Tina has shared has been overwhelmingly positive, which is rare for the internet.

Splitpics UK

Tina concluded: "Everyone loves them and their cute characters, but I did unfortunately get trolled once saying they hope I didn't pay for the pups as they look mouldy.

"Rocco is very loving, calm, and so photogenic. He snuggles up with the other dogs and likes the companionship.

"Vinnie, the one featured on the sofa is very independent, likes snuggles but also loves being on his own.

"He does have a little grumpy side to him too, perhaps small dog syndrome."

Featured Image Credit: Splitpics UK

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