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Video Shows Heartwarming Moment That Dog Recognises Himself On The TV

Video Shows Heartwarming Moment That Dog Recognises Himself On The TV

Bronn the Labradoodle is set for stardom

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you need to see something heartwarming today, how about watching a video of a lovely dog getting very excited to spot himself on the telly?

Yup, it's pretty good, isn't it?

This is Bronn the Labradoodle, and he came to the public's attention a few weeks ago when another adorable video of him playing with a baby melted people's hearts all around the globe.

However, it's not over for Bronn. In fact, his journey to canine celebrity appears to have only just begun.

After Bronn's owner Angela Labat shared the footage of him playing with her seven-month-old son Liam online, he quickly gained a place in everyone's hearts.

Angela Lally Labat via Storyful

Now, that fame led to an appearance on a local news channel, and it would seem that Bronn likes the limelight more than most.

As soon as he spotted himself on the box he started to jump up and down while wagging his tail. It's nice that he's so pleased with himself.

Luckily, Angela was on hand again to act as Bronn's personal videographer, and she quickly shared the footage on her social media accounts so as to give his adoring public their fix.

The piece was - quite aptly - put onto a segment called 'Adorable Alert' and, by the looks of things, he'll be asked back on for a second appearance at this rate.

In the short video, he jumps up and down over and over again, barking and howling all the while.

FAngela Lally Labat via Storyful

To be fair, it's not every day you see yourself on telly, let alone if you're a dog. There aren't that many opportunities for pets to get into showbiz, after all.

When Angela uploaded the clip to social media last week, she wrote: "I think it's safe to say that Bronn likes seeing himself and his baby brother on the big screen!"

Yes, it's pretty obvious that is the case.

She said: "A video of him and his human baby brother Liam was aired on the local news, and when he saw himself on TV, he began jumping. He does this whenever he sees any type of animal on television. It's quite entertaining!"

It's now been viewed tens of thousands of times, and people have been commenting underneath to say how much they've enjoyed the video.

One person said: "This is priceless thank you for making so many laugh... best video ever."

Angela Lally Labat via Storyful

Another wrote: "Priceless and a very wonderful video for so many people at a time like this, so much happiness to so many people very special."

A third simply offered: "I have no words!!!"

The video has now moved on from their local news channel in Louisiana, USA. In fact, it has made it as far as Maine and New York, and even featured on Good Morning America, as well.

To be fair, it is adorable.

Featured Image Credit: Angela Lally Labat via Storyful

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