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It's been 10 years since a drunk Aussie was just 'waiting for a mate' in his car

Tom Wood

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Today marks a very special day in the calendar for fans of internet history.

Yes, April 28 each year marks the anniversary of one of the greatest videos online, perhaps the best ever to emerge from Australia.

No, it’s not that man who barked like a rabid dog on the news, nor is it the ‘succulent Chinese meal’ man, although they’re both great.

We are talking – of course - about the ‘just waiting for a mate’ video, which was released 10 years ago today.


You remember that one, right?

It’s from a police reality show and tells the cautionary tale of a man who had decided to get behind the wheel of his car after having way too much to drink.

Of course, funny though the video is, we can’t condone or endorse that sort of behaviour – don’t drink and drive kids.

Here he is - just waiting for his mate. Credit: ABC
Here he is - just waiting for his mate. Credit: ABC

Anyway, the police officer arrives to find that the man – who we’d later learn is called Clinton – has ‘parked’ his car in a suspicious fashion, looking a little bit beaten up and worse for wear.

That sparked the police officer’s fears that he might actually be very drunk.

They weren’t wrong.

Senior Constable Ash Bowden then asked Clinton what he was doing, receiving only the hilarious response: “I’m just waiting for a mate.”


With that, internet royalty was crowned.

The police officer asked him: "Is that why your car is all smashed up and you're up on the grass at the moment?"

Still, Clinton kept sticking to his story in the face of the officer’s questions, reiterating that he was just ‘waiting for a mate’.

Upon being asked what the name of this ‘mate’ was, the drunken man waited, before blurting out ‘James’ almost as a question.


The whole thing went on for a few minutes, with the police officer backing Clinton into a corner, whilst he further revealed his drunkenness.

At one stage he even admitted that he’d had his licence taken off him before for drink driving, as well as refusing to get out of the car or hand over said licence.

Things didn't end too well for Clinton, as the police officer didn't buy his story. Credit: ABC
Things didn't end too well for Clinton, as the police officer didn't buy his story. Credit: ABC

When asked whether he wanted to go to the police station, Clinton said: “Definitive…can you define that?”


Whatever that means.

When all was said and done, Clinton was taken back to a police station in Victoria and fined $600 (£317) as well as being sentenced to four months of community service.

It goes without saying that they also took his licence off him, though only for three years.

The clip hit YouTube in 2013, before going hugely viral on Reddit.

In the 10 years it has been online, the clip has amused millions of people, and will hopefully continue to do so for another 10 years, at least.

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Tom Wood
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