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Lucky Mum-Of-Two Managed To Bag £1.3 Million Off A 25p Bet

Lucky Mum-Of-Two Managed To Bag £1.3 Million Off A 25p Bet

Every time I write a story about people winning absurd amounts of money off tiny bets, a little part of me dies inside.

I know you should always be happy for people, but damn. Why can't I win life-changing money? To be fair, you can only win if you actively get involved in betting, and there is no chance that I can be arsed putting numbers on the lottery or signing up to betting sites. My money needs to be spent on alcohol and food, nothing else.


Anyway, mum-of-two Angela New, 47, has somehow managed to turn 25p into £1.3million while she was playing on an online gambling machine.

The game, Gladiator, is hosted on the BGO online casino and based on the Russell Crowe film of the same name, funnily enough.

Angela fancied a flutter while she was at home in Newton Longville, Bucks. All of a sudden, she realised that she'd won the eye-watering amount.


She told the MK Citizen: "I saw the amount and felt like I was in a dream. I just felt sick and didn't know what to do with myself."

The first thing she did (apart from screaming the house down, obviously) was to run upstairs to her husband, Michael, and wake him up. He'd gone for a sleep after working the night shift as a long-distance lorry driver. Maybe he was dreaming about winning the lottery? I imagine if someone woke you up with that kind of news you'd either: a) think you were still asleep, or b) think they were taking the piss.

Angela explained: "It's just completely amazing and will change everything for us.

"We can pay off the mortgage, clear all of our bills and even give up work for a bit."

Head of marketing at BGO Allan Turner said: "We've had some fantastic wins on BGO in the past few months.

"We're really pleased for Angela and her family - what a result!

"It shows that even by placing small bets you can win really big on your favourite games, whatever the odds!"

It turns out that this isn't the biggest prize that's been won on this infamous Gladiator game. Apparently, someone else scooped £6.2m. Who are these people?! Why aren't they my friends or in some way related to me?!

Fair play to Angela and her fella Michael. Hopefully, he won't have to work the night shifts any more.

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