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Woman in tears after 'dream' tattoo goes terribly wrong

Woman in tears after 'dream' tattoo goes terribly wrong

More like nightmare tattoo

While getting a tattoo might sometimes be a bit of a fun spontaneous decision, it’s still a pretty big one. I mean, the whole point is that they’re permanent.

So, if you’re getting your ‘dream’ one, you obviously want it to be the way you dreamed it.

But for this woman, it went terribly wrong. More like a nightmare tattoo really.

Watch her TikTok here:

Tia Kabir filmed herself in floods of tears as she explains to the camera she had come to Bali ‘to get a tattoo’.

Seeming pretty heartbroken and with other existing tattoos like roman numerals across her chest and text on the back of her hand, she says: “And I had been dreaming to get this tattoo because I just don’t get tattoos all the time.

“I get one like every few months.”

The ‘dream’ tattoo in question? Tia had wanted ‘Angel Energy’ in bold black just above the inside of her elbow.

Speaking in between absolute sobs and showing her new tatt, she looks devastated on the side of a Bali street.

She was sobbing over the mistake.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty simple mistake but is certainly not ideal for her.

“And now it just says ‘Energy Angel’,” she explains while wiping away more tears.

While she says she’s ‘lost for words’ in the caption, users comment that ‘energy angel is way cooler’, calling it ‘so bada*s’.

Another points out: “At least it doesn’t say energy angle.”

With others writing: “You could own it in a good way? Energy Angel sounds cool af.”

But others had a little less sympathy as they say: “The first mistake was going to Bali to get a tattoo.”

As one also puts: “That’s what u get when ur budget for ur DREAM tattoo is $20.”

Tia tells Femail she’d ‘always wanted something powerful’ like her intended tattoo.


She said: “I believe through everything I have been through to becoming the influencer I am now. I can leave a good spirit imprinted on my body.”

But this outcome came after two mistakes beforehand as she explains: “The size was incorrect the first time, the second was the spacing and then the third it somehow swapped the other way.

“I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I’m soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.”

Tia was refused a refund for the tattoo which cost about 1.3 million Indonesian Rupiah (£68).

Luckily, she’s had it modified so it now says ‘energy of angel’. Hey, it could be worse.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tiakabirr

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