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Builders claim mysterious man is Banksy after he was spotted at site of mural

Builders claim mysterious man is Banksy after he was spotted at site of mural

The man in a bowler hat was spotted as the mural was destroyed

A group of builders are convinced they spotted Banksy in the flesh when a mysterious man was seen hanging around the site of the artist's latest mural.

But what do you think - would Banksy wear a bowler hat?

The renowned artist was back at it again recently as he created one of his iconic works in Broomfield, near Herne Bay, Kent - only to have it torn down by contractors who thought it was just another bit of graffiti.

Yep. Banksy's artwork, which could have sold for millions, ended up in a skip. But it's probably best not to dwell on that for too long.

Builders had been hired to demolish the 500-year-old former farmhouse that Banksy had used as his canvas, and it wasn't until the artist took to Instagram to share before-and-after pictures that the public realised what had happened.

The artwork - titled 'Morning is Broken' - featured a silhouette of a boy pushing apart some curtains made from corrugated iron, and workmen admitted they 'felt sick' after realising the piece was a genuine Banksy.

The remains of the mural have since been pulled out of the skip and attempted to be put back together, with Banksy expert John Brandler saying he would 'love to restore' the piece and put it on display it in Dover museum.

The man was spotted wearing a bowler hat.

After the builders' mistake was realised, people who were in the area when the building was demolished have started to think twice about what they saw.

Sofia Akin was at the site at about 9.30am when she spotted a mysterious man taking pictures on his phone, dressed in a bowler hat, a long black coat and glasses.

Akin claimed it wasn't the first time the man had been seen in the area, saying: "I went to speak to [the builders] and ask for further details. Before I had the chance, a man appeared in a long black coat, bowler hat and glasses, seeming mysterious.

"The contractors said, 'That's Banksy, we saw him yesterday, he was here taking a picture of the mural'."

According to Akin, the builders claimed 'Banksy' had been seen with a crew before and after the mural was demolished.

The mural was demolished with the building.

"The men were all asking if he is Banksy, including some dog walkers that passed and he just laughed, not denying it," Akin said.

"He then disappeared off but was seen taking pictures of the site."

Before we get too excited though, pictures of the man have been shared with someone who claims to know Banksy, and they doubted it was really him in the bowler hat.

Resident Adam Brooks said workmen at the site spotted a man in dark clothes taking a picture of the building not long before the photos were uploaded to Banksy's Instagram.

Brooks said: "I spoke to the builders and they said they had seen someone in black on the hill this morning taking a photo of the building but did not think anything of it."

The resident went on to say it is 'exciting' that Banksy had travelled to Herne Bay, adding: "It is nice to see something so local.

"I really like Banksy art and to have it initially in my road it makes me think 'did he drive past my house, did I walk past him on the street?' It is a bit exciting."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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