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Mum mortified after reading son's birthday card from his girlfriend

Mum mortified after reading son's birthday card from his girlfriend

At least she knows her son has a healthy and loving relationship

A mum ended up regretting reading through her son's birthday cards after finding the pretty explicit message his girlfriend wrote him.

On the plus side, the card is a sign of a pretty healthy relationship and everyone wants that for their kids, don't they?

Then again, mum and dad probably don't want to read blatant confirmation that their kid is going to be having sex.

When they ask 'what are you doing for your birthday' they'd rather get some pretty bland noises about hanging out instead of reading a card from their son's girlfriend saying they were going to have sex that night.

"Note to oneself never read your son's birthday card from his girlfriend," one mum wrote as she posted the card on Facebook so everyone could witness what she'd seen.

Not the card every mother wants to read...
Positivity and Laughs / Facebook

The cover of the card said 'I hope your birthday is as good as your d**k', while inside her son's girlfriend wrote: "Today you came out of a vagina, tonight you will be back in one."

It's definitely not every mum's dream to be reading that about their kid, and if nothing else it'd make the day really awkward knowing what's going to happen when the sun goes down.

Some couples are just more blatant about this stuff than others, with one married pair going a bit unorthodox for the wedding vows.

While the bride waxed lyrical about their 'indescribable bond' and said she 'fell in love with him over and over again' in front of all their family and friends, the groom said: "I promise to smack that every chance I get. Booah. That’s all I got."

At times these bedroom revelations come tumbling out years later, as one woman admitted that when she was young she poked holes in her parent's condoms and a few months later was told she'd be getting a little sister despite them being sure they'd been 'so careful'.

"So what did you get up to for your birthday dear?" "Nothing much."
Positivity and Laughs / Facebook

As for the mum who read her son's birthday card from his girlfriend, the collective wisdom of the internet seems pretty glad that she did as it's given them a good chuckle.

Quite a few wondered what the boy's mum was doing going through his birthday cards.

Someone else commented 'dear Jay, you massive stud...', and they've got a point, this card has very strong Inbetweeners vibes about it.

Plenty of others suggested an edit to one part of the card, as in one segment the lad's girlfriend wrote 'love you loads' and lots commenting thought she could have chucked another 'r' in there somewhere.

Many others said the card showed she was 'a keeper' and advised the mum to welcome her new daughter-in-law.

At least it'd make a funny story for the wedding.

Featured Image Credit: Positivity and Laughs / Facebook

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