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Bloke Gets Into Bath With Fish After Being Asked To Clean Out Tank By Mum

Bloke Gets Into Bath With Fish After Being Asked To Clean Out Tank By Mum

"The fish loved it"

A man who was sick of his mum pestering him to clean his daughter’s fish tank decided to intentionally misunderstand her instructions by getting into the bath with it. Check it out:

Marc Whiteman, 25, said his mum Jackie Whiteman, 52, had been on at him to wash the tank ever since he bought the goldfish for his four-year-old daughter Darby. 

In order to wind her up, he decided to have a bath with the pet – butt naked, no less – and shared a video of the bonding session on social media. 

The poor little fish can be seen swimming around in the tub as Marc beckons it over as you would a dog. 

It didn’t take long before Jackie caught wind of the clip, leading to a hilarious text exchange between the pair. 

“Marc what why did you put the fish in your bath,” she wrote, alongside three angry face emojis. 

Marc decided to wind up his mum Jackie.
Kennedy News and Media

He replied, “It needed a wash,” to which she said, “It was the tank that needs a wash… If it dies you’re in big trouble.”

That’s some grade A banter right there. 

Speaking about the prank, Marc, from Manchester, said: "I was flying out to Turkey on Thursday and my mum was moaning at me all week about the fish tank being dirty. 

“She was moaning all the time asking me to clean the fish tank. I wasn't in the mood so I got the fish out and put it in the bath. I was in the bath with him.

"I put it on Instagram and my mum saw it. She messaged while I was in the bath saying 'why are you washing the fish?' so I put it on Facebook because I found it funny the way my mum text me.”

The dad shared a clip of the moment on social media.
Kennedy News and Media

He added: "She saw it on Facebook and messaged saying she was going to kill me.”

Thankfully the fish survived the ordeal and is safely back in his tank, with Marc adding: “I got the idea from Darby because she's always asking if she can have a bath with the fish.”

Jackie finds the whole thing funny now, although she might not be laughing when she finds out that he still hasn’t cleaned the tank. 

“I just went off to Turkey so it's still dirty,” he said. "I just thought it would be funny. The fish loved it, it was swimming about, it wouldn't get out.

Marc is yet to actually clean the fish tank.
Kennedy News and Media

"We were in there for about half an hour. We didn't have any bubbles. It was just a nice chilled bath but it was quite a warm bath so I don't know how the fish survived.

"It'll probably be dead by the time I'm home."

Erm, let’s hope for the fish’s sake that his last comment was just a joke…

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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