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Petrolhead with £1 million car collection has to deal with 'sexism' from men who underestimate her

Petrolhead with £1 million car collection has to deal with 'sexism' from men who underestimate her

Bonnie Locket has loved cars since she was a child but men think she's bluffing.

A car-obsessed women with a £1 million collection of motors has called out the ‘sexism’ she faces from men who underestimate her.

Bonnie Locket, a 35-year-old OnlyFans model from Cheshire, has a garage filled with supercars, with her latest purchase being a Lamborghini Aventador costing £350,000.

Despite her lifelong interest in fast vehicles, Locket is often met with ‘sexist comments’ from men online who assume she knows nothing about cars.

Locket shares car content online.
Jam Press/Instagram/bonnielocketdrives

"There are so many people that say 'get her out the car scene',” the influencer said.

“It's not very nice and I’m fed up of sexist men.

“But I suppose that's what you get from going into a male-dominated niche.

"I certainly don't know everything about cars, but I know a lot.

"It's nice to be able to educate myself further, as well as get other people involved.

“There are trolls out there but I try to ignore them because I know it’s only because I'm a woman that I even get those kind of comments."

The sexism Locket faces is not just contained to the social media world, she has faced prejudice in real life when attending car shows with her husband, Brad.

“Whenever my husband and I go out in the car or attend car shows, if people don’t know who I am they presume it’s his car, but he always turns around and says ‘actually it’s my wife’s car’ - they’re always shocked!"

She added: “When I was looking for my first supercar I wasn’t taken seriously at all, I would look round the show rooms and you could tell they were thinking I was either taking the piss or dreaming.

Locket said men often think her supercars belong to her husband.
Jam Press/Instagram/bonnielocketdrives

Locket, who shares her passion for speedy rides on social media (@bonnielocketdrives), says she baits men into leaving comments on her posts by pretending to be ‘dumb’.

"I pretend to play dumb when writing captions - like saying a car is a ‘beautiful supra when it’s actually an evo' baiting men into leaving comments.

“But I think people are catching on, it’s quite obviously a joke.”

After falling in love with cars at an early age, after her three older brothers regularly took her along to car shows, Locket says she hopes to leave OnlyFans behind and focus on cars.

On sharing her car-themed content, Locket explained: “One of the main reasons I'm doing it is to be able to get out of OnlyFans.

Locket hopes to quit OnlyFans one day and focus on cars.
Jam Press/Instagram/bonnielocketdrives

"It's great that it's bringing traction to my page but ultimately that isn't actually why I'm doing it – I'm actually doing it to exit the game and it is a huge passion of mine.

"Brad is super proud of me but he cannot wait for me to stop doing OnlyFans, purely because of the comments online.

"It really affects him because he doesn't understand how people can be so unbelievably nasty.

"Also I want to have a baby and I don't really want to be pregnant while doing it.

"Ultimately I can't do this forever and cars are something that I really enjoy.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/Instagram/bonnielocketdrives

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