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British Airways Passengers Left In Tears After Being Trapped On Boiling Plane For 90 Minutes

British Airways Passengers Left In Tears After Being Trapped On Boiling Plane For 90 Minutes

The plane was delayed due to a rotational delay

A British Airways passenger accused the airline of 'slowly killing' those on board the hot aircraft after they were left waiting on the tarmac for 90 minutes without air conditioning.

Passengers boarded the flight in Nice ready for departure at 7.35pm on Sunday 10 July, but had to start fanning themselves with leaflets to keep cool when it failed to take off on time.

Cabin crew and pilots apologised to passengers as they remained on the ground for an hour and a half before the pilot finally had passengers disembark and wait in the air bridge to try and cool off, while staff handed out water.

The passengers had to return to the jet bridge as they waited for the plane to depart.

Speaking to the MailOnline about the situation, one passenger commented: "It's disgraceful. It is hotter than hell on this plane. British Airways is slowly killing us."

The customer went on to claim passengers were left 'crying and on the verge of passing out' as they awaited takeoff, branding it 'truly disgusting' that the plane had no air conditioning.

"British Airways is literally a joke," they added.

Other passengers took to Twitter to complain about the issue, with one person tagging the airline as they wrote: "[British Airways] We are stuck on the tarmac at Nice Airport. It’s about 40 degrees on here! No air con. We are 2 hours late and no sign of going! It’s inhumane!"

Two passengers had to be removed earlier from the plane as they became ill while waiting in the heat for it to take off.

The plane is believed to have missed its opportunity to take off due to a rotational delay on the inbound service, with a spokesperson for British Airways telling the Mail: "There are some heavy ATC restrictions in France this evening, which delayed them getting a new slot."

After the plane got off the ground and arrived at Heathrow airport, three travellers are said to have gone to the front of the plane to tell the crew they felt like they were going to 'pass out' during takeoff.

The incident took place amid ongoing issues and delays at airports, with an investigation by the PA news agency revealing Heathrow Airport and Luton Airport to be two of the worst locations for delayed flights in the last year. Delays have risen in the last few months as the travel industry attempts to recover from shutdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

LADbible has reached out to British Airways for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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