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People stunned after discovering there are hidden cards in Cards Against Humanity box

People stunned after discovering there are hidden cards in Cards Against Humanity box

The 'party game for horrible people' has even more ways to shock your friends

People have been left stunned and amazed to discover a secret card in their Cards Against Humanity box after slicing the packaging open.

You'll probably be familiar with Cards Against Humanity, the self-described 'party game for horrible people' where you get a prompt card and have to match your answer to make the funniest possible scenario.

Slight language warning on the video given the game we're talking about:

Most of the cards are rude, risque or downright offensive, it may be a party game but it's definitely not one you'd want to crack open with certain relatives this Christmas unless you want to try and explain to grandma what 'pixelated bukkake' is.

Still, it's the sort of game where you get the prompt 'Here is the church and here is the steeple, open the doors and look at' and can follow it up with something like 'Daniel Radcliffe's delicious arsehole'.

And if you can't always meet up with friends, you can play it online - which was an absolute godsend for many during lockdown.

However, what many didn't know is that there's a secret card hidden within the box itself and people have been stunned to discover this.

Turns out cutting up your Cards Against Humanity box might have extra benefits.

It's one of those things passed around by word of mouth until somebody gets daring enough to break out the sharp objects and start carving up their Cards Against Humanity box to uncover the truth.

TikToker Charlotte discovered this when she posted a video of her friend slicing open the bottom of the box to reveal that the rumours were true and there was indeed a hidden card nestled beneath the packaging.

Tearing away the bottom of the box uncovered a new white response card for use in the game which read 'The Biggest Blackest D*ck', prompting giggles after it was read aloud.

It only makes sense as this hidden card is found inside the game's 'Bigger Blacker Box', so it all fits in with their theme.

While plenty of you reading this have probably got a box of Cards Against Humanity kicking around somewhere in your house, there are many other versions to spice things up.

Well, it is that sort of game.

Fans of Friends are probably old enough not to run into any trouble with the game, especially their Friends themed version, but they do plenty of other versions and sometimes people get caught out.

One mum bought her daughter the Disney themed box of Cards Against Humanity and was shocked to discover it wasn't quite the game she thought she'd bought.

Since many will already have a copy of Cards Against Humanity in their cupboards and have probably played it so much you can recite all the prompts and responses from memory, might I suggest fans might enjoy our very own card game First Impressions as a stocking stuffer this Christmas?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@charlotteemilygre

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