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Former Arsenal Player Ray Parlour Necks Jägerbomb With Jäger Mixer

Former Arsenal Player Ray Parlour Necks Jägerbomb With Jäger Mixer

The Romford Pelé sure knows how to sink a drink

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

As if Jägerbombs weren't potent enough, former Arsenal player Ray Parlour chose to spice things up this weekend by swapping out the energy drink with, well, more Jäger. You watch him see it off below:

Pubs may be due to open in England on Saturday, but the retired midfielder has kept himself well watered from home during lockdown, frequently posting videos of himself downing various back garden beverages.

His latest cocktail really is quite something, though.

After wishing a long list of fans a happy birthday, the 47-year-old said: "I'm gonna try something different, I'm gonna go for a 'Jäger Jäger', finish in style - this is my last video, 'cause all the pubs are opening again.

"So let's have a little go at this."

The pundit - dubbed 'The Romford Pelé' in his playing days - then poured some hefty slugs of the German herbal liqueur into a glass, and said: "I dunno if I'm gonna be able to finish this, but I'll have a go."

Ray does not advise you try this at home.
Twitter/Ray Parlour

After filling a shot glass with more of the potent stuff and depositing it in the glass, which was more than half full by the end, Parlour proceeded to down it without a hitch.

Following an understandable cough or two, he advised viewers at home not to try skulling a 'Jäger Jäger' themselves - advice I would certainly echo.

Judging from the response to his video, it seems that while many were impressed by his escapade, few had plans to try and emulate him any time soon:

No doubt people all over the country will be looking forward to a pint (of beer, not Jäger) as pubs reopen after more than three months as lockdown measures ease.

However, while many are counting down the days, a LADbible poll found that 59 percent of people would not be heading to pubs as soon as they open because they think it's too soon.

Many are also fearful that the experience will be more hassle than it's worth. Like all reopening businesses, the hospitality industry will have to abide by various regulations, with all customers required to observe one-metre social distancing.

The government has also advised pubs to take a register of visitors to the pub, employ a table service system and play music quietly to prevent people from shouting.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Ray Parlour

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