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Father of 'Charlie bit my finger' responds after kid on multi-million pound yacht claims to be his son

Father of 'Charlie bit my finger' responds after kid on multi-million pound yacht claims to be his son

A TikTok user uploaded a clip of someone claiming to be the kid from the viral clip

The dad of the kids from ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has responded after a kid onboard a multi-million pound yacht has claimed to be his son.

If you had access to the internet back in 2007 then you’re most likely very familiar with Harry Davies-Carr who had his finger chomped on by his younger brother Charlie. You can see them recreate the scene years on here:

In a TikTok clip from Ted Zhar, the lad can be seen onboard a luxury boat - where he claims to be ‘probably’ the youngest boat owner in existence.

When Ted asks: “What do you do for a living?” He smiles, shrugs his shoulders and announces: “I’m Charlie Bit My Finger.”

He goes on to say he’s owned the boat since 2017 and gives a small tour of the impressive boat, which comes complete with its own hot tub.

Given that the clip sold as an NFT in 2021 for £536,000 ($761,000) and the family have previously revealed they made around a million quid from the clip in the years since it was first shared, it could be fair to assume that Charlie has got a healthy-looking bank balance.

However, now Howard Davies-Carr - Charlie and Harry’s dad - has outed the person as an imposter. And let’s be honest, he’s probably in the best position to know if they guy is his son or not, eh?

Speaking to Insider, he said: "This video has nothing to do with Harry or Charlie.

"There have been any number of instances of people pretending to be Harry or Charlie over the years."

The 'Charlie bit my finger' clip went viral back in 2007.
YouTube/Davies-Carr family

But he’s not particularly bothered about the fake-Charlie as he went on to say that he’d seen the clip and found that it was ‘of no real harm, just a little sad really’.

In the words of Harry: "Ouch, that really hurt."

Howard has previously said he doesn’t view the cash the clip drew in as ‘income’.

In an interview with Newsbeat back in 2021, he said: "By the time they're adults, I want them to be more than just the video.

"You see fame come and go, it's very fickle. So we've never viewed this as fame, we've never viewed it as a source of income."

Meanwhile, the real Charlie told the outlet: "I can't even remember doing it, so making money off it and having experiences off it is really cool.

"We've been to America twice from it, I went round Sky's studios, and we've met a lot of cool people. It's just an extra part of our life that's quite interesting."

Featured Image Credit: Davies-Carr family/TikTok/@tedzhar

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