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Dad hits back at criticism for marrying woman who looks 'exactly like daughter'

Dad hits back at criticism for marrying woman who looks 'exactly like daughter'

There's a 16-year age gap between Chris and his wife, Savana

A dad has been forced to defend himself from internet trolls who think his wife looks just like his daughter.

It's not at all uncommon for kids to hear how much they look like their parents, but usually there's some kind of biology involved there.

Such comments typically come when the child is biologically related to their parent - so when there's no blood involved, those comments become a lot more critical.

Chris, 44, learned that the hard way after he met Savana, 28, when she began working at his hair salon while he was going through a divorce, years after he welcomed his daughter, Tizzi, into the world.

Chris and Savana met at work.

Savana wasn't interested in having any kind of relationship and Chris' life was 'kind of in a tailspin' as a result of his separation, so at first they didn't spend much time together.

In an interview with Love Don't Judge, the couple explained how over time Chris began to talk more to Savana, and realised there was 'something super special there'.

Tizzi worked with both Chris and Savana at the hair salon, so they kept their relationship a secret for a while before announcing it to the world.

Initially, Tizzi was 'very thrown off', but she has since become comfortable with joining Savana in TikTok videos - even in spite of the comments that came flooding in about her dad.

"I had made the mistake of putting my age above where I was and [Tizzi's] age above where she was [in one of my videos]," Savana explained.

"It just started this big massive tornado of negative comments - most of them were geared towards Chris."

The 44-year-old received a lot of comments from people pointing out the similarities between Savana and Tizzi, who both have long blonde hair and are just seven years apart in age.

"I would be traumatised if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me," one comment read.

There's a seven-year age gap between Tizzi and Savana.

Another wrote: "Do you want to date your daughter?"

Viewers have also honed in on the 16-year age gap between the couple, with some saying it's 'creepy'.

Chris admitted the comments included 'anything that you can imagine', adding: "The sickest of sickest things that you could think of. We just basically got destroyed."

Though the couple found the comments hurtful, Chris is happy in his relationship and refuses to let trolls get to him.

"They have nothing better to do with their time, they're obviously unhappy in their life," he said.

After getting married, Chris and Savana went on to welcome three children of their own to become a blended family of eight, including Chris' children from his previous marriage.

Savana and Tizzi regularly make TikTok videos together, wracking up thousands of views and receiving a lot of positive comments from viewers who have praised their blended family.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @savana_chapin / @tizzichapin

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