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Mum warns families to avoid making simple mistake this Christmas that led to her 'losing everything'

Mum warns families to avoid making simple mistake this Christmas that led to her 'losing everything'

The grandma 'lost everything' when she went to visit family on Boxing Day

A mum who ‘lost everything’ one Boxing Day is warning families to avoid making the same simple mistake.

Back in Christmas 2016, Sonia and Michael Lane had gone to visit her sister when she received a panicked call from a neighbour.

And in news that no one wants to hear, it turns out her Kent bungalow was on fire.

By the time the mum had rushed back, there were six fire engines putting out the blaze.

Her home’s entire roof had collapsed, gutting each room and ‘completely devastating’ the house.

And the major inferno was caused because she’d left both her TV and digital box on standby.

Sonia claims that Kent Fire and Rescue Service had told her one of the two had started an electrical fire, which spread through the rafters and caused the burning roof to fall in.

The mum-of-three shared a horrifying video of the wreckage to social media in a warning to others to make sure they turn off electricals while out doing the family rounds over Christmas.

Sonia and Michael Lane.
Kennedy News and Media

Racking up nearly one million views, users called it their ‘worst fear’ as Sonia says she has recurring nightmares about her grandchildren ‘being burned in coffins wrapped with Christmas paper’.

The couple had only moved into the place that year and spent £215,000 rebuilding it, moving back in just in time for Christmas 2017.

Sonia recalled that Boxing Day: “When I saw the house I collapsed to the floor and fell to my knees.

"We lost absolutely everything. We only had the clothes we were standing in because everything that wasn't fire damaged was smoke damaged.

"We lost everything we bought for Christmas and all the sentimental things you keep in boxes in the loft.”

She says they 'lost everything'.
Kennedy News and Media

The family had only been at her sister’s home for a few minutes when they received the horrifying call.

And the only reason her phone number was found was because it was on her two dogs’ collars who had escaped into the garden with burned paws.

Commenting on her TikTok video, users called it ‘heartbreaking’ and are ‘so sorry’ it happened to her.

Sonia explained: "I wanted to share the video to remind people not to be complacent with things and to be mindful of things.”

The grandma claims to have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from that Boxing Day blaze and no longer works.

"I needed counselling for more than half a year,” she added.

It was nearly a year until they could move back in.
Kennedy News and Media

A spokesperson for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: "Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 2.45pm on 26 December 2016 to reports of a fire at a bungalow in Sheerness.

"Six fire engines attended and crews wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the flames using hose reel jets.

"No injuries were reported, and it's believed the fire started accidentally in the lounge and was linked to an electrical fault."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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