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Comedian Who Bullied Classmate Tracks Him Down And Makes Up For It After 15 Years

Comedian Who Bullied Classmate Tracks Him Down And Makes Up For It After 15 Years

Comedian Joe Erwin is committed to meeting up with his old classmate

A comedian is planning to make up for his mistakes of the past after tracking down a classmate he used to bully in school.

YouTuber and comedian Joe Erwin took to TikTok to share his story last month, explaining how he feels 'really bad' about one particular 'terrible' thing he did as a child.

I think a lot of kids would agree that one of the best parts about the school day is lunchtime, but one of Joe's classmate named Dylan probably dreaded the event as Joe admitted that every single single day, he used to steal Dylan's lunch and 'eat it right in front of him'.

In his video, Joe told his followers he and Dylan were friends in school, so they 'always sat next to each other at lunch' when they both got pizza to eat.

Assuming Dylan, being a 'little guy', didn't get hungry like Joe did, as he was the 'fat kid', Joe decided to trick Dylan and take his pizza right off his plate.

Joe used to put Dylan's pizza on his own plate.

"I would just simply say, 'hey man, look over there'. He'd look, and I would grab his pizza and put it on my plate. It's mine now."

Dylan apparently told Joe he didn't like him stealing his pizza, but Joe simply used the excuse that he was hungry and would 'absolutely house that pizza right in front' of Dylan, so he didn't get to eat lunch.

Joe then put out a call for anyone who might know Dylan to get in touch, apologising and saying he wanted to take his old classmate out to 'the most expensive pizza place' he could think of.

In a follow-up video, Joe explained he was able to use a yearbook to track down Dylan and get in touch. He sent him the TikTok video, to which his old classmate responded to say he remembered someone taking his pizza, adding: "Next time I'm in Tulsa, pizza's on you."

Joe says he feels 'really bad' about what he did.

Dylan revealed he had plans to travel to the area where Joe lived and in a second update, Joe confirmed the pair had set a date to get together in May.

The comedian plans to drive four hours to meet Joe and 'vlog the entire trip', which will hopefully end with Dylan finally getting to eat his own pizza.

"I'm super excited, I hope you guys are excited, let's do this thing," Joe said.

Joe's initial video has racked up more than 9.5 million views and has captivated many viewers who are now committed to following the story to its conclusion.

Here's hoping Dylan will enjoy his pizza!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joe_erwin_comedy

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