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Bride and groom leave people speechless with ‘controversial’ rules for their wedding

Bride and groom leave people speechless with ‘controversial’ rules for their wedding

The rules left social media users wondering why people even attended the wedding in the first place

Almost every couple sets rules for their wedding to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch.

From having no kids, to switching off phones during the ceremony, and not making it all about you... The list of potential rules goes on and on.

But one couple's extensive list of expectations for their wedding guests has sparked a massive debate online, leading some to wonder why guests even bothered attending.

New Jersey newlyweds Emerson and John Schiavone, who tied the knot in 2023, have shared several clips on TikTok detailing their big day.

Amongst the heavily curated content is a series of videos titled "Controversial things we did for our 2023 wedding," and its latest instalment has resulted in uproar.

The viral clip, which has been viewed 2.9 millions times, shared the strict rules they imposed on their guests.

Social media users were left divided after bride Emerson shared her wedding day rules.

Rule number one: no music requests.

The bride added: "This is not prom, this is a wedding."

Another surprising rule saw the couple refuse to have any memorial tables or chairs for deceased family members, a tradition they called 'morbid'.

"Instead, we played their favourite songs during the ceremony seating and walking down," they said.

Other rules saw the couple cut the wedding cake in private, refuse entry to guests who were late to the ceremony and forbid shots (although the latter was also a venue rule.)

Her extensive list of rules included no shots, no music requests, refusing entry to latecomers and no physical gifts.

However, the most controversial rule saw guests given just two options for their main course at the wedding - filet mignon or pesto crusted salmon.

After many users pointed out that this doesn't exactly cater to vegetarians, Emerson later clarified that there was a vegetarian option available for guests who don't eat meat.

In other videos in the series, the couple revealed that they didn't go table to table to greet guests at the reception, refused plus ones for their single friends and hired security for their big day.

They also banned Apple watches and declared that they didn't want any physical gifts and instead, just wanted cash. Sounds fun.

Social media users were shocked by Emerson's strict rules, calling her and her husband the 'fun police.'

TikTok users were understandably left divided by the couple's extensive rules.

One person called them the 'fun police' while another joked: "Ya'll sound like buckets of fun. Was smiling allowed or is that too much?"

And a third said: "I'm all for people have rules at wedding, but sometimes I wonder why guests even bother going."

Others were more sympathetic, however, with one person writing: "People in the comments are forgetting it's YOUR wedding.

"You deserve to do what you want for it."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/emerson.klein.77

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