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Correct way to hang toilet roll has been confirmed

Correct way to hang toilet roll has been confirmed

As well as whether you scrunch or fold, you've also got to worry about which way your toilet roll hangs

Scrunching or folding your toilet roll is often what the fierce debate around bathroom etiquette focuses on.

But the way you hang your loo paper is just as important - and the age old argument over which way it should face seems to have finally been settled.

The battle over bathroom behaviour may now be fizzling out once and for all, as etiquette expert Jackie Vernon-Thompson has offered her insight on how your bog roll should actually be positioned.

Some of us like to pull it from underneath, leaving the paper hanging towards us ready for easy access - although this leaves it brushing up against the adjacent wall.

Others prefer to give it a bit more distance from the ground and roll it from over the top, meaning it is placed in the direction away from the wall.

The way you hang your toilet roll might be all wrong in terms of etiquette and hygiene.
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Who knew toilet roll could burn your head this much?

Thank God that Jackie, an expert in good manners and common courtesy, has offered up her two pence on the topic.

She told the Daily Mail: "Research after research reveals that the proper and most hygienic way to hang your toilet paper is over and not under.

"Might I add, that goes for paper towels too, if hanging from the wall. Not only is it hygienic, it lends to maintaining proper hygiene, which is proper etiquette."

Jackie - the founder of From The Inside-Out School of Etiquette - reminded people that inventor Seth Wheeler actually listed the correct way to hang toilet roll in a diagram for the patent in 1891.

Jackie settled the bathroom debate, saying the correct procedure is over and not under.
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The 'full, clear, and exact description' of how to use his creation includes a sketch showing the paper on the holder hanging over the top, backing up her hypothesis that this is the correct way to do it.

As well as it looking better in your bathroom, Jackie explained that it also is more hygienic to hang it this way.

She added: "If the paper is over, when you reach for the paper, your fingers will touch only the piece that you plan to use and flush.

"However, when it is under, more than likely you are forced to feel for it and touch other parts of the roll and even the wall, which is likely to spread bacteria and germs.

"Consider going into a restroom in a public place... if the roll is hung under, [the person before you] would have had to search for the beginning of the paper just like you will.

"They would have spread their germs and bacteria while searching for the end. So, in essence, when you go behind them, because the paper is under, you will be in contact with their bacteria and germs."

So there you have it - it's over not under, people!

Featured Image Credit: Wiki Commons

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