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Man shares life hack for cutting queues and it actually works

Man shares life hack for cutting queues and it actually works

A TikTok creator has shared a life hack for cutting queues, which he describes as 'ethical'

In the UK, it is fair to say we do love a good queue - so much so that it's a huge part of our culture.

But for those of us who would rather avoid tradition and skip the line, this one man has the perfect hack to do so.

The advice comes from TikTok creator James Wedmore, who discusses his own experience of cutting lines in one of his recent videos. Check his 'hack' out here:

He describes his process as 'pretty ethical' and very simple to achieve.

In his video, James said: "A few years ago I was at a festival and there was a line to buy t-shirts which was over two hours long.

"I know that because I asked people at the front of the line how long they've been waiting.

"Instead of waiting two hours, I had my shirt in a matter of minutes."

Next, he explained exactly how he did it, which might mean spending more money than if you just waited the two hours.

The TikToker had an 'ethical' way to cut the queue.

The TikTok creator continued: "I chose my unsuspecting victim about three or four people back from the front of the line.

"I walked right up to them and said 'hey, today is your lucky day and I'd like to buy your t-shirt - what do you say'

"The first time you do this, people aren't going to believe you, but I had the cash in hand.

"'No, no, no, please let me buy t-shirt for you, no problem'

"'You've been waiting a long time here you go'."

James then dropped the line which scored him his shirt 'in a matter of minutes': "By the way, while you are at it, can I get a medium of the red.'"

The creator stands by this method and claimed it 'works every time'. He also indicated that it is a valuable life hack for entrepreneurs as 'successful entrepreneurs value their time more than they do money'.

The hack to cut queues apparently works every time.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

However, you are not always queuing to buy something though, so the validity of this hack for every queuing situation is unknown.

It could work in situations where a handover of money happens at the end of the line, for example.

It is fair to say though that us Brits take queuing very seriously, remember the controversy about Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby's alleged queue-jumping?

So, probably not a good idea to try it if you don't want tons of people complaining.

Featured Image Credit: @thejameswedmore/TikTok

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