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Dad makes 1,000 mile round trip to take son to driving test on his birthday

Lucy Devine

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Dad makes 1,000 mile round trip to take son to driving test on his birthday

Parents will do just about anything for their kids, and one dad won some serious brownie points with his son after he made a one thousand mile round trip so he could take his driving test.

The dad, who told his story on his Twitter account @NewMillPaul, explained how he drove all the way to Scotland so his son could have the chance of passing his test.

"Did I tell you about the time my son failed his driving test for the second time?" He began.


"He was really upset, so trying to be a good dad, I tried to make it better. Because of Covid, his next chance to take his test locally was next year, so I looked online."

Scrolling through different locations, the dad struggled to find anywhere nearby, but when he came to the letter 'G' there was a slot available, in a place named Gairloch - which he had never heard of.

Turns out the area is located in the Scottish Highlands, but the dad decided to quickly book it and figure out the logistics later.

"In the depths of late Autumn, hotels and cottages were scarce," he explained.


"Actually they were non existent. Thankfully I tracked one down on Airbnb and started making plans.

"Annual leave was granted and we set off. Collecting him after he finished work, we made our way up to our first stop."

The dad drove his son all the way to Scotland. Credit: @newmillpaul/Twitter
The dad drove his son all the way to Scotland. Credit: @newmillpaul/Twitter

But around half way up and they encountered a problem - their accommodation was cancelled.


"Half way up, at 20:15, we had a phonecall. The owner of the one and only cottage told us that they were cancelling.

"Their boiler had broken. Sh*t. Now what?!?"

The pair were forced to book a hotel in Inverness instead, but there was more bad news.

"Crossing the border and nearing Perth, I received another call," the dad continued.


"It was from the driving instructor in Gairloch I'd arranged. The DVLA had cancelled the test and rearranged it for February. Oh come on."

After ringing the DVSA, the dad managed to book another test slot in Inverness and organise a driving instructor to show his son the roads prior.

They encountered some problems along the way. Credit: @newmillpaul/Twitter
They encountered some problems along the way. Credit: @newmillpaul/Twitter

"We arrived in the hotel and I hastily tried to get him another instructor to show him the roads," he said.


"I managed to track one down and booked him for the next day."

But after the session with the instructor, the pair were nervous after his son said he had ended up with three majors due to a tricky roundabout.

The next day, it was time for the real test.

"He met with his test examiner and off her went. I paced about like an expectant father. Then he arrived back.

"I tried to read his body language, but couldn't. Walking over I could see he was still talking to the instructor. F**kity f**k.

"Then he smiled. He'd f**king passed!"

The dad added: "A little part of my life I'll never forget."

What a hero!

Featured Image Credit: @newmillpaul/Twitter

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Lucy Devine
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