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Dad Dubbed 'Demon' By Community Reveals What He Looked Like Before Body Modifications

Dad Dubbed 'Demon' By Community Reveals What He Looked Like Before Body Modifications

Pedro Kenso eventually wants to cover 100 percent of his body in tattoos

A dad who has been called a ‘demon’ by his neighbours because he has a split tongue, tattooed eyeballs, and devil horns has revealed what he used to look like and said that he won’t change his style or stop modifying himself.

To be fair, when it comes to changing his style, that ship has well and truly sailed, but 28-year-old Pedro Kenso has no interest in that anyway.

Jam Press

The Brazilian man has spent loads of cash on his body modifications, which started in 2017 when he had one of his nipples removed.

Now, he’s had a load of silicone implanted into his head and can screw horns into his skull to make him look like a devil.

It’s a look, and he’s committed to it.

On top of that, he had his eyeballs tattooed and even sliced the top of his ears off.

He said: "When I go outside people do judge and criticise me. Some call me a demon and others get scared.

"But I'm a very calm person. I have faith in God.

"When I go to the supermarket people are super amazed and polite."

Jam Press

It all started off small, Pedro’s first tattoo was his mother’s name on his arm.

Since then, he’s had more than 70 percent of his body tattooed.

If you want to check out more, you can see it on his Instagram account @mansaotattoo.

He continued: "When I did the tongue fork. I didn't feel pain or anything.

"I used to have pointy elf ears but I didn't like it.

"I wanted something more aggressive so I cut them off.

He isn’t finished here though, and in the future he wants to make sure that the percentage of his body that is covered in tatts is significantly higher than it is now.

Jam Press

Pedro added: "The plan for my future is to tattoo myself 100%."

He shares short videos with his 272,000 followers on TikTok, but not everyone is so positive about his body choices.

One wrote: "What makes a person do that to the body."

Another said: "Bro, does he think he's handsome? [sic]"

Jam Press

However, others think that it’s totally up to him and even reckon his art is cool.

One said: "People stop judging him he wants to be like this problems it's better for him to stay silent than talk because tomorrow we can wake up dead.."

A fellow supporter commented: "Jesus loves you anyway, he doesn't care about childish comments, everything has its time.”

A third wrote: "Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?”

As long as he’s happy, it’s his body to do whatever he wants with.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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