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DINK couple explain reasoning behind lifestyle after receiving backlash over benefits

DINK couple explain reasoning behind lifestyle after receiving backlash over benefits

There's been a lot of backlash against DINK couples after the lifestyle choice went viral on TikTok

While it might sound like an insult you could hurl at someone, many people are proud to be a DINK.

And it doesn't sound like a bad life, just have a look at what this couple get up to:

DINK couples find they have plenty of disposable income and as such get to live it up a bit more than others.

If you're wondering, DINK is an acronym for 'dual income, no kids', a lifestyle choice which bizarrely has attracted a tonne of controversy in recent days.

Coupling up makes financial sense, especially given how expensive things are these days, and couples who are both in work without kids can find themselves with double the money and half the costs on single folks.

This DINK couple have been responding to the backlash.

It's less hard on the DINKWADs, as people seem to go easier on folks with a dog, but with DINK couples posting videos of them living it large, there's usually some backlash from people who don't approve.

DINK couples say they get to enjoy some of the finer things in life and have more free time than many other people they know.

Meanwhile, an expert has warned that despite the 'immediate financial benefit' to not having kids, many DINKs might come to regret their decision in later life.




Dr Roger Gewolb said he'd be interested to see what the DINKs think in '10 to 12 years' and suggested that later in life it might be tough without kids to look after you.

However, he stressed that couples should have kids for the right reasons as they're a lifelong commitment, whereas DINK couples can always reconsider.

It seems like the answer is 'not soon'.

A DINK couple who've been posting some of their more enjoyable moments of not having children have responded to some of the backlash.

TikToker Hillary Bowles explained that she was enjoying the DINK life while she could, and that she and her partner would probably have kids at some point.

Commenters on her video told her 'materialistic happiness will be temporary' and that 'a kid will make ur life forever', while others asked why the couple couldn't travel and have kids.

Hillary asked 'what's wrong with enjoying time with your spouse before kids', and said there was 'nothing wrong with travelling before you have kids'.

The TikToker wrote that they would probably have kids 'one day', but for now they'd be living the DINK lifestyle.

Since the 1970s, the age at which couples have had children has been increasing, with people choosing to put off having kids until later in life for many reasons.

Last year, the average age women had their first child in the US was 30, the highest on record.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hillarybowles

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