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Couple in 'DINK' relationship receive backlash after telling people the benefits it gives to their lives

Couple in 'DINK' relationship receive backlash after telling people the benefits it gives to their lives

Lilly Anne and her husband Evan have been slammed online for blowing their own trumpets about their supposedly perfect lifestyle.

Bragging about your relationship online typically only ends one way - just ask this couple, who have well and truly put themselves in the firing line.

Lilly Anne and her husband Evan have been villainised on social media after a video of them sharing the many perks of their relationship went viral.

It's not just the fact that some people were left pretty cringed out by the pair's lovey dovey display - it's because the duo loudly and proudly declared that they are 'DINKS'.

See what they had to say about that below:

Lilly Anne and Evan shared a TikTok video explaining all the perks of being in a DINK relationship, which probably sound pretty appealing to the majority of couples.

They claim to be living the sweet life - dining out every night after work, taking advantage of a hefty pile of disposable income and not having to rely on their family for financial help.

As well as being able to juggle all of their responsibilities between the two of them, the couple say they have loads of free time to do what they want - unlike a lot of their peers.

Evan was particularly chuffed when he shared the fact they can 'go to Costco and buy all the snacks in bulk - that we want', without having to worry about anyone else's preferences.

Lilly Anne and Evan are loud and proud about being in a DINK relationship.

On top of this, he says he never misses a football game and can play 18 holes of golf whenever he pleases.

The loved-up pair, who have been together since they were 16, got married last year and seem to still be wrapped up in wedded bliss.

So, what is the secret to their stress-free lifestyle, I hear you cry?




Lilly Anne and Evan say it's all down to being DINKs - aka, a couple with 'dual income, no kids'.

The only drawbacks they mentioned is that they are constantly quizzed about when they plan on starting a family and 'what we're doing with our life'.

After getting over the initial confusion of what a DINK relationship was, social media users weren't too impressed by the US couple.

Evan bragged that he plays golf when he wants and never misses a football game.

Their video received a wave of backlash from parents who slammed them for trying to rub the convenience of being child-free in their faces.

Others were more supportive of Lilly Anne and Evan, admitting they were jealous of their ability to enjoy their younger years together.

One commented: "Dual income, grown kids... all the same perks. Plus, the love of children that can't be explained."

Another wrote: "They're in their 20s, time humbles and changes everyone in their hedonism."

A third said: "Imagine a 2000 year bloodline ending because someone wanted more snacks from Costco."

A fourth added: "DINK life is the best life!"

A fifth chimed in: "My husband and I talk about DINKS all the time. Especially in restaurants when our children have thrown themselves on the floor."

Others applauded the couple for living their life how they see fit and encouraged people not to rush into having kids.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@‌lillyanne_

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