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Lads are being called out for using ‘boy math’ when complimenting women

Lads are being called out for using ‘boy math’ when complimenting women

Are you guilty of doing this when you're trying to pull?

For those that aren’t so outgoing, complimenting a girl you fancy might be a little daunting – especially if you’re worried about coming across like a creep.

Plus, with the amount of dating trends and red flags going round at the moment, it might seem like a difficult task.

But lads, spoiler, it’s really not that hard. Trust me.

If you want to compliment someone, just compliment them – respectfully.

And because of the tip-toeing round that goes on sometimes, men are being called out for using ‘boy math’ to do it.

You can find out just what that means in the vid below:

One woman went viral for her breakdown of how men seem to go about complimenting.

Sharing to TikTok, user @_bettydouglas_ wrote in the caption: “Thank you sir, very cute delivery.”

Betty began by saying: “Have you ever noticed that ‘boy math’ seems to be that if they want to compliment you on something they just point that thing out.”

She then retells her own experience: “For example, today a lad said to me ‘you straightened your hair’. Great observation.”

Are you guilty of this?

Yeah, to be fair, seems more like a statement than a compliment.

Betty continues: “I said ‘yes I have’. And then he follows that up with saying ‘it looks nice’.”

Seems innocent enough.

“I don’t know if this is a conscious thing that lads do, where they just identify the thing they want to compliment you on before they actually compliment you,” the TikToker says.

“They could just compliment you, it’s not that deep.”

And while the whole pre-amble to build up to the compliment itself seems a little unnecessary, Betty adds: “To be honest, I find it quite cute that they do that so long may it live.”

Some users suggest in the comments: “He was checking if you were open to receiving a compliment before giving it.”

'Boy math' is now a thing, apparently.

As another added: “Or checking if she likes it herself before making the compliment.”

A lot of lads back this up, as they write: “We test the water first in case you say ‘yeah it’s straightened, but I hate it’.”

I mean, that’s fair enough to be honest.

One jokes: “We have to share our working out.”

And others realised they use this ‘boy math’ themselves as they write: “Man I legit did this today,” and “I don’t do it consciously.”

While one simply writes: “I don’t understand? Isn’t that how it’s done?”

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/_BettyDouglas_/Getty Stock Images

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