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Doctor warns about dangers of men getting ‘permanent haircut’

Rhiannon Ingle

| Last updated 

One doctor has warned about the dangers of men getting a 'permanent haircut' in the latest cosmetic procedure that is taking the internet by storm.

The expert outlined the key massive risks attached to the forever fade but, regardless, it seems as if the internet has been split in half over their opinions on it, with some totally on board and others who couldn't think of anything worse.

In a stitched TikTok uploaded by Dr Shah or the 'Derm Doctor', he explains a little more about the procedure and a few key facts to consider before getting it done.

One doctor has warned about dangers of men getting 'permanent haircut'. Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor
One doctor has warned about dangers of men getting 'permanent haircut'. Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor

The overlay text of the original video read: "Our client wanted a permanent haircut."

The short clip shows a man with a cord wrapped around his head as a laser quite literally blasts the follicles away.

Dr Shah explains: "Okay, so if you permanently wanted to remove the hair from your much lower neckline, not a bad idea, but to permanently remove the hair from your actual hairline - terrible idea for two reasons."

He went on to say: "One, he's not gonna like this haircut forever, and two, if he ever needs a hair transplant, this is where they take the hair from," referring to the lower part of the skull.

"You couldn’t pay me to have this done." Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor
"You couldn’t pay me to have this done." Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor

He makes a good point to be fair, considering the lack of pensioners sporting a short back and sides these days.

The TikTok has since gone viral and has amassed over two million views with hundreds of comments from people eager to share their thoughts on the matter.

Many were left totally baffled by the hair hack and slammed the man's decision to get his hair permanently lasered off.


On TikTok user wrote: "He's going to get sick of it after two months."

"He gonna regret it later," claimed a second while a third echoed: "He didn't think."

Another commented: "You couldn’t pay me to have this done."

"People are doing crazy stuff these days," added a fourth.


Others, however, pointed out the more practical issues attached to the laser procedure.

"I’m doing this." Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor
"I’m doing this." Credit: TikTok/@dermdoctor

One highlighted: "He would still need to go to the barbers if he wants the fade."

"He’s still going to need to cut the top," added another while a third chimed in with: "Still gonna have to get it faded too."


Others, however, were totally on board with the balding procedure and were even thinking about committing to the laser treatment themselves.

"Dude I DO want this!" admitted one TikTok user.

A second added: "I want to be permanently bald so yeah it’s a good for me."

"I’m doing this my neck hair grow too far down is crazy lol," another agreed.

A final TikTok user beamed: "I'm bald on top, I'm tired of shaving. I can get my hair removed for life?"

Well, it seems you sure can.

Talk about a fresh trim...

Topics: Hair, Health, TikTok, Viral, Social Media

Rhiannon Ingle
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