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Drivers blown away by £2 hack which will get rid of frozen windscreens

Ali Condon

| Last updated 

Drivers blown away by £2 hack which will get rid of frozen windscreens

Getting out of bed in the middle of winter is hard enough as it is - let along when you know you'll have to scratch a layer of ice off your windscreen before you head off to work.

But what if I told you there was a simple £2 hack that could wipe your windshield clear in seconds flat? Check this out:


Did that just make the idea of getting into your car on a dark, sub-zero morning a little more bearable?


Of course, the go-to to defrost a frozen windshield is to heat your car up before you head out the door.

But if you're in a rush or running late, options quickly become pretty limited.

It was TikToker @zvooeee who shared the simple solution with followers, after making the shocking discovery herself.

The cheap hack defrosts windscreens in no time. Credit: TikTok/@zvooeee
The cheap hack defrosts windscreens in no time. Credit: TikTok/@zvooeee

All you'll need is a warm cloth and some alcohol and you'll be on the road before you know it.

Simply pour the rubbing alcohol onto the cloth and scrub it across your windscreen, then watch the harsh ice melt away in minutes.

"Have an icy windshield?" she writes in the caption.

"Don't use a card!!! Pour the alcohol on a rag. Watch how the ice melts away."


Not everyone was convinced though.

One TikToker sarcastically commented: "Hear me out.. before getting ready to go somewhere, warm up your car."

Another agreed: "Or heat up the car and it will melt off..."

But user @zvooeee pointed out that there were flaws to their seemingly obvious solution.

Credit: TikTok/@zvooeee
Credit: TikTok/@zvooeee

"Some people don’t have time, don’t want to waste gas, or simply does not have the defrost option," they pointed out.

Others suggested that simply pouring hot water over the windscreen would have done the trick - but most drivers will know that that's a big no-no.

Anything hotter than lukewarm water will damage the glass on your windscreen, plus, hot water can freeze faster than cooler water - so if you're silly enough to try this solution, your windscreen will be freezing back over in no time.


All winter, other drivers have been sharing their tips to defrost a frozen windshield as quickly as possible - and they've come up with some genius hacks.

One TikToker, @saraedeutsch, shared a mind-blowing trick that requires even less effort than rubbing a rag across the windscreen.

All you have to do is make sure you put your visors down so it stops the air flow and creates a faster defrost on your windshield.

Although Sara originally posted the tip to help teach teen drivers about how to handle the cold weather, plenty of older drivers admitted that this trick was news to them too.

One person wrote: "I'm sorry a teen driver… i just learnt this at 32 lol."

Another commented: "I’m 48 and I never knew this."

Featured Image Credit: @zvooeee/TikTok

Topics: Cars, Hacks, TikTok, Weather, Driving

Ali Condon
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