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Drivers warned about dangerous mistake they make when de-icing car windscreen

Drivers warned about dangerous mistake they make when de-icing car windscreen

Are you guilty of this?

With winter fast approaching, here's a quick tip to avoid a common mistake that loads of car owners make.

Yes, it's that time of year when the car will start to need de-icing again, and we'll often have to wait ages when trying to de-fog the windscreen too.

There's plenty of tips and tricks online about how to clear your windows as quickly as possible. Here's just a couple:

Now, one expert has warned drivers not to press the 'air circulation' button when trying to de-ice the car.

As the weather starts to turn - admittedly after an unseasonably warm September and start to October - we'd better start getting used to the idea that things are going to chill out for a while now.

That means we could be looking at snow and ice, as well as significantly lower temperatures leading to freezing.

It's that time of year again.

Speaking about using the air circulation button, Eden Tyres explained to RSVP Live: "As a general rule, when it’s cold outside make sure the recirculation button is switched off!

"The air-recirculation button is best to use alongside your AC during warm weather.

"During cooler weather it doesn’t have many benefits and can even be detrimental.

"Some drivers think it makes sense to not have 'all that cold air coming in' if they are using heaters in winter. However it's best to have your air recirculation turned off."

There's one thing you shouldn't do.
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They continued: "The main downside of the air-recirculation button is that it traps humidity inside the car, which results in misted windscreens, especially when the air is cold outside and in wet weather. If your vehicle is fully loaded with passengers, it can also cause it to be stuffy and may make you drowsy."

The air circulation button shows an arrow moving around in a circular motion. It cuts off air from outside, and circulates air inside the vehicle.

It's pretty handy for cutting off nasty odours from outside your vehicle, too, but is better turned off in the winter.

If you want another tip, we told you a while back how one motoring expert has urged people to make sure their cars are safe to drive before getting behind the wheel.

There's one button you shouldn't press.
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Dick Lovett says there is one thing that drivers really need to be looking at under the bonnet that could potentially save them from getting into a dangerous situation.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said that it's vital people are checking their washer fluid before setting off anywhere.

He said that icy temperatures drastically affect how the liquid reacts, and it could end up freezing on your windscreen if not sorted out.

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