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Woman’s ‘life saved’ after being warned not to drive straight away at green light

Woman’s ‘life saved’ after being warned not to drive straight away at green light

Woman shares potentially lifesaving tip after a 'close' encounter on the road

A woman has shared some potentially lifesaving advice that stopped her from being involved in a car crash.

Helen Villiers, known as @liberationhelen on TikTok, heard the advice - which she's hailed as 'the best ever' - from another TikToker and now wants to share it even further.

Helen took to the video sharing platform earlier today, Monday 11 September, and credited TikTok for 'saving [her] life'.

Speaking to the camera while sat in her car, she told her followers: "TikTok just saved my life.

"I'm sort of in shock. A few months ago I saw a TikTok of a woman who is a mortician or pathologist who said these are the things she wouldn't do because of what her job is.

"And one of them was, at a T-junction, when the light turns green, she would always pause before moving just in case someone coming the other way hasn't seen it as she'd seen so many people die from T-bone accidents."

TikToker Helen credited the social media outlet for saving her life.

Helen went on to say that the smart piece of advice had 'stuck in [her] brain' - and it's since paid off.

Recalling an incident that just happened to her, she said: "So I'm at the T bit, and the light turned green and I was about to whizz off - and I've got quite a fast car - but I didn't and I was like, nope, you should do what [the TikToker] said.

"This all happened within a split second [...] and as I thought 'wait a minute', this car came down this hill and over the T-junction, through a red light at maybe 50mph.

"It's a 30mph speed limit," she added.

Because Helen took the advice on board and waited a second at the light, she avoided a collision with the speeding vehicle.

"I don't know where I'd be right now [if I hadn't waited], but I don't think I'd be sitting on my drive about to go in a record a podcast," she mused.

Now Helen has urged others to also pause at green lights when driving and 'take a breath', branding it as 'the best bit of advice ever'.

The close encounter left Helen 'in shock'.

As to who the original TikToker was that she got the piece of advice from, with the help of her followers, Helen's worked out that it was a creator that goes by the name Lauren the Mortician.

Thanking Lauren in the comments section, Helen wrote: "Thank you a thousand times. I'm not in hospital (or worse) because of you! Thank you."

People have since been quick to praise Lauren for 'making such an impact'.

One person said: "I do this since watching your video and I tell others. You are making such an impact, more than you realise!"

"@Lauren the Mortician out here saving lives," added another, as a third labelled Lauren as 'the actual definition of an angel'.

It just goes to show that TikTok is more than funny ring doorbell videos and and entertaining cat clips.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@liberationhelen/Getty stock image

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