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Reversing into a parking bay can be daunting even after you pass your driving test, even though it may look very simple.

It’s a normal part of driving, especially if you’re planning to go the shops or an event at a location with only bay parking, which is why a driving instructor on TikTok has come through with a simple solution.

Experts who work for the driving theory test app The Complete Theory Test Kit use TikTok to share quick and informative videos for learner drivers looking to fine-tune their skills and find hacks.

In a bid to help drivers avoid unnecessary hassle or stress when trying to park backwards into a bay, one of the experts revealed that drivers should be able to complete a reverse bay park each time if they follow this step-by-step tutorial correctly.

The driving instructor uses stickers as a reference point.

In the clip, the expert positions the car near the chosen space and selects the reverse gear so that the cars behind can see the reversing warning light.

Next, the instructor checks all around the car to ensure there were no pedestrians or vehicles in the way.

The key to this method is using a ‘reference point’, which in this scenario are stickers which he put on the inside of the front passenger door just before the window and roughly in line with the door handles.

Drivers attempting to park should ensure that their sticker is level with the parking bay’s white lines on the road.

The instructor then does another safety check around the vehicle before reversing with the steering wheel turned all the way to the left at full lock.

While reversing slowly, the instructor continues to look all around the car by checking his mirrors and blind spots just in case he sees a pedestrian or another vehicle.

When the driver has almost finished parking, check the back and side windows to ensure the car isn’t too close to the curb.

Pretty simple?

The tutorial should help learner drivers.

The video has been viewed more than 400,000 times and has received 19,000 likes.

One commenter asked: “Stickers omg, what happens when you get into a car with no stickers.”

To which the TikTok account replied: “You will be able to memorise the reference points after a while.”

Another TikTok account said: “This is a proper guide on how to do it. I can get into any bay with this method. Else we wouldn't teach it.”

One viewer said: "I use my shoulder and line it with the middle of a bay and then turn the wheel right around and park, works every time."

While another added: "I use the passenger door opener as reference.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thecompletetheorytestkit

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