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You’ve been opening your car door wrong the whole time, driving instructor reveals

You’ve been opening your car door wrong the whole time, driving instructor reveals

There is an important technique that Brits should be using before opening their car doors following a recent rule change.

It seems we have all drastically misjudged our ability to open a car door as apparently we've been doing it wrong.

Unless you rip the door off the hinges, I wasn't aware that you could even open a car door wrong.

A driving instructor has revealed that there is actually an important technique that Brits should be using after a recent rule change.

Have a look here:

The advice was shared on TikTok by @thecompletetheorytestkit, who offer advice and guidance to learners to help them get theory test ready.

One of the company's experts explained new drivers need to be aware of the 'Dutch Reach Technique' when exiting a vehicle.

The Highway Code was given a refresh last year in the hopes of making the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

As part of this, a new rule - which originates from the Netherlands, hence it's name - was introduced to advise people to think before they just swing the car door open.

The driving instructor explained how to use the Dutch Reach Technique.

The instructor demonstrated the technique in an online video while explaining how it works to social media users.

She said: "You're now advised to use your left hand when opening the door rather than your right.

"You have more control over the car, especially if it's windy. As well as being able to see clearly if anything's coming."

Showing the Dutch Reach Technique in action, the driving instructor turned her whole body towards the door before resisting the urge to open it with her right hand.

She instead leans over with her left arm to open it while looking out of the side window to check its safe and nothing is heading towards her.

But don't worry if you are a learner and forget to use the Dutch Reach Technique during your test, it won't have any impact on your result, Driving Test Success says.

She then demonstrated how to do it while encouraging motorists to take part.

Campaigners welcomed the introduction of the door opening method as statistics show that over 500 people are injured each year being hit by car doors.

According to Cycling UK, 35 percent of Brits admit not scanning the area for bike riders before they open their doors.

Back in April, one motorist in Northern Ireland knocked over an oncoming cyclist with his car door.

From the initial video, it appears as if the van driver had failed to check his mirrors before opening the door.

And those in the comments were pretty divided over who was to blame, with some saying the driver should have checked his mirrors while others said the cyclist was instead to blame.

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