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UK driving instructor responds to backlash for brutal way he told US learner he failed after six majors

UK driving instructor responds to backlash for brutal way he told US learner he failed after six majors

The US driver wanted to know if he could pass the UK test

A driving instructor has defended himself after people commented on the ‘ruthless’ way he told an American bloke that he had failed his UK driving test.

Khemaran, from Florida in the US, recently hopped into the driving seat next to Richard Fanders from the Conquer Driving YouTube channel.

He explained that he’d been driving in the US for 12 years, but fancied taking a shot at the UK driving test, despite having had no lessons over here.

For the video, Fanders played the role of driving examiner ‘Jason’ - and he nailed it, to be honest.

Popping on a high-vis vest and taking a no-nonsense approach to the exam, Fanders - or Jason - directed Khemaran on a mixture of different kinds of roads.

As it turns out, Khemaran wasn’t the expert driver he may have hoped to have been and during the mock test he managed to clock up 11 minors and six serious faults. Ouch.

One viewer said Fanders 'examiner's act was absolutely brutal'.

Eventually the time came for Fander to break the bad news to Khemaran.

Speaking as dead-pan examiner Jason asked Khemaran to pull over and turn off the engine before telling him: “I’m afraid to say, you failed. Better luck next time.”

He then undid his seatbelt and calmly exited the car leaving poor Khemaran to think about his actions.

Viewers were seriously impressed with Fanders’ acting skills.

Commencing on the video, one person said: “I was smiling throughout this video. The stoic face, lame jokes, and almost condescending remarks/tone at times were so accurate as to how a lot of driving examiners act and behave during the test.

"This video also taught me some things I did not know, having passed more than a year ago.”

His last test was a failure due to taking the wrong lane on a roundabout

Another said: “That examiner act was absolutely brutal! Perfectly captured how horrible they make you feel.”

While someone else wrote: “Jason was on point for a DVSA examiner. The atrocious jokes, the robotic small talk, and the delivery of instructions - brilliant.”

However, it seems that some thought maybe he was a little too harsh, with one person posting: “‘I’m afraid you failed. Better luck next time.’ Does not elaborate. Leaves.”

A second wrote: “That examiner was ruthless! I'm surprised Khemaran was able to remain so calm.”

A third said: “Shame we didn't get to see the debrief with him.”.

Responding to the comments, Fanders explained: “The examiners usually give a debrief but I thought I might try and add a bit of entertainment to the video.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Conquer Driving

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