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'Virtually naked' drunk bloke found asleep on top of car wearing just socks and pants

'Virtually naked' drunk bloke found asleep on top of car wearing just socks and pants

A drunk man has been found asleep on top of a car wearing just socks and pants by a 'keen badger watcher'.

A local resident was shocked to find a drunk man wearing just socks and pants asleep on top of a car. Tom Selby, of Cromer, Norfolk, heard a commotion in the early hours of Sunday 14 August.

He went to view his CCTV camera to see the man in just his underwear with what he describes as a 'outrageously violent wedgie'. Someone's had a heavy night.

Tom describes himself as 'keen badger watcher' and often uses his CCTV system to see what they get up to overnight.

The drunken man was spotted on CCTV
The drunken man was spotted on CCTV

But the noise came from something slightly bigger than a badger this time.

"After hearing a little commotion and seeing a few bits on the floor the next morning I scrolled through my CCTV to see what had happened," Tom said.

"I stumbled across this man lying on the car with an outrageously violent wedgie.''

People often get up to weird stuff once they've had a few too many.

The man has an 'outrageously violent wedgie'.

In 2021, a drunken man legally changed his name to Celine Dion. Now that is more ridiculous than any drunken story most have heard.

The man, formerly known as Thomas Dodd, is a huge fan of the Canadian singer, and thinks watching her drunk over the Christmas period prompted his name change.

As expected, Celine's family were shocked by the decision and did not see the funny side. Despite their reaction, he had no plans to change his name back as of last year.

The name change cost £89 ($120) and Celine even bought eight extra certificates to prove it wasn't some hilarious joke to his family and friends.

Things can get strange after too many pints.

He told Birmingham Live: "I am slightly obsessed with her; I'm not going to lie.

"During lockdown I've been watching a lot of live concerts on the TV. I can only think I've been watching one of hers and had a 'great idea' after a few drinks.

"I walked in from work and there was a big white envelope with 'do not bend' written across it. I nearly passed out in my kitchen when I opened it.

"My initial concern was how on earth do I tell the HR department at work that I need to change my email footer?"

I think what we can all say that despite the many embarrassing drunken stories we may have, it is not as outlandish as these two.

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