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Woman Gets So Drunk With Mates They All Get Ridiculous Tattoos

Woman Gets So Drunk With Mates They All Get Ridiculous Tattoos

A woman and her mates have done what we've all considered at one time or another, they got ridiculous tattoos together.

A woman has taken to TikTok to reveal 'the most ridiculous' tattoos she and her mates got when they were drunk. Take a look below:

Okay, so we've all been there – you're a little drunk and out with your mates when someone suggests getting tattoos.

There are two ways this scenario plays out; either the most sensible one in the group talks you out of it, or you get tattoos.

The latter is what happened to content creator Candy and her friends.

Sharing the experience with followers, she captioned the video: "Getting drunk with your work mates and getting the most ridiculous tattoos you can think of."

The camera then pans around to show Candy and her mates getting some pretty hilarious tattoos.

So, what did they get?

A devoted Westham fan.

One got 'WEST HAM Till I Die' inked on her, and we truly hope that is the club she supports.

Another clearly wanted to Just Do It, and got a Nike tick on her hip.

Our personal favourite read 'material girl', but with the word material crossed through with '*GARLIC" written underneath.

And that concludes this episode of things you probably shouldn't do while you're drunk.

To be fair, it did look like a good night, and viewers were quick to chime in with their thoughts.

One supportive user commented: "Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get drunk with their mates and get West Ham tattoos."

A second wrote: "The girl with the west ham tattoo would get kicked out from the pub i work at, Millwall fans are crazy."

Garlic Girl, the best tattoo we've seen.

Another suggested that the tattoo artist 'was probably desperate for money cause a proper professional would never tattoo [someone] in that state', to which Candy replied: "We hid our drunkness very well , he was very professional."

One user said: "You just know the West Ham one woke up and crieddd", however, Candy stood firm and responded: "Na West Ham till I die mate."

Another, however, warned about the dangers of getting tattooed when drunk, adding: "Literally should never ever get tattooed drunk, alcohol is a blood thinner. Pls don’t encourage people to turn up to appointments intoxicated."

Others just came up with more ideas for ridiculous tattoos: "I wanna get ze bluetooth device is connected successfully but in another language and tell people it means I love my family or something [sic]."

Either way, at least Candy and her mates' tattoos were nowhere near as bad as the face tattoo from The Hangover.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@candycakezzzzz

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