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England’s ‘most remote’ house up for sale

England’s ‘most remote’ house up for sale

The loneliest-looking house in the UK is now up for grabs

Do you hate people and love country views?

Then boy, do we have the house for you because the UK's most remote home is on the market.

Seriously, you too can do away with a nosey neighbour and sickly smog — though we don't really want to think about getting snowed in here, it'd be like the 'White Christmas' episode of Black Mirror.

The lonely-looking 19th Century home is situated in the middle of the Skiddaw Forest, which is found in the Lake District, and went up for sale in 2021 after being off the market for 200 years.

One of the UK's 'most remote' properties is now on the market.

Sounds like the start of a horror movie right? But if you love being spooked out in your own home, the property comes with a 3,000-acre stretch of land, perfect for you to do your very best impression of Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' video.

If that wasn't enough to sell you on the property, maybe its unique history will — the home was built in 1829 by the Earl of Egremont of Cockermouth Castle.

Over the years, the property has had several different purposes, including being used as a 'gamekeeper's lodge, shooting cabin, shepherd's dwelling, schools field centre, ramblers bothy and currently a youth hostel'.

This doesn't even do it justice, there's literally nothing else around.

Yep, a youth hostel, and the team that is currently running the place seem pretty proud of it, explaining on their website: "Surrounded by mountains, with no other building in sight, Skiddaw House offers a real escape from it all.

"It's off-grid, out of reach of mobile signal, and 3.5 miles from the nearest road. But walk, run, or bike to this remote spot and you will find cosy lounges heated by wood burners, comfortable beds, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

"Plus a well-stocked shop with food and plenty of local ales, wines, and whiskies."

We mean, it probably needs to be well stocked because the house is a four-mile mountain walk from the nearest pub, which isn't exactly our idea of a good time.

You see that grey slither in the centre? That's the house.

Still, the current owners and real estate agents seem wholeheartedly behind the property dubbing it an 'exciting and unique opportunity' in the listing on Rightmove; it even became one of the site's most viewed properties in 2021.

The property is still up for sale for a whopping 1.5 million, but to a sealed group of bidders, which will draw to a close on Wednesday 23 November.

We wonder what it'll be used for next — a super intense murder mystery backdrop maybe?

Featured Image Credit: Rightmove

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