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Mysterious Table For Two Found In The Woods Of The Lake District

Mysterious Table For Two Found In The Woods Of The Lake District

The strange set-up seemed whimsical, but it's just a load of litter left in the Lake District for someone else to clean up

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A photographer was shocked while out on a wander through the wilderness when he discovered a fully set table, complete with tea-for-two in the woods of the Lake District.

While this might seem like a wholesome and whimsical thing to stumble across whilst out walking, like something out of a Lewis Carroll novel, it's actually - in the real world - a pretty horrific and brazen piece of littering.

If you must go for a bizarre dinner in the forest, please take all of your cr*p home with you, won't you?

Ashley Cooper said that when he first found the set-up, which was not far off 100m from the path, he assumed that it was an art installation.

Ashley Cooper

However, he then discovered that the half-eaten food and glasses of sparkling wine were probably just left there after the couple who had been celebrating were finished.

Not great form, is it?

Mr Cooper posited that the table, which he found whilst walking near to Blea Tarn, was probably left behind 'by someone from the Instagram generation'.

He found the afternoon tea this Monday between Great Langdale and Little Langdale, which is widely-renowned as one of the most beautiful parts of the Lakes.

The climate change photographer from Ambleside explained how he's recently been discovering more and more litter around the national park.

Ashley Cooper

He told BBC News: "It looks like a romantic meal in the woods but then they couldn't clean up after themselves.

"They've gone to a lot of trouble to carry the gear down there as it's about half a mile from the nearest road - but it just looks like they finished their meal and got up and just left it all."

All of the nearby hotels nearby have said that it's nothing to do with them, so it's likely that we'll never know who left it behind.

Mr Cooper elaborated further on the litter that he's recently seen, which has included tents, sleeping bags, and cookery equipment.

Ashley Cooper

He added: "We're seeing a very different type of visitor to the Lake District who has no respect for the place whatsoever.

"These people aren't short of money but they are short of a conscience and social responsibility."

He's got a point, too.

If you must organise yourself an elaborate Mad Hatter's tea party in the deepest woods of the Lake District, please try to clean up after yourself, OK?

Featured Image Credit: Ashley Cooper

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