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Everyone seems to have the exact same memory of floating down the stairs when they were a child

Everyone seems to have the exact same memory of floating down the stairs when they were a child

People are convinced they had some kind of supernatural experience

If you have a childhood memory of floating down a set of stairs, looks like you're not alone:

Do you ever have a memory that is so vivid, so clear, that you are certain it really happened? Like you went to Disneyland when you were a kid or you met your hero?

How about having the distinct ability to leap down a huge flight of stairs and float effortlessly to the bottom, like some kind of pre-pubescent X-Men character.

Well, apparently, loads of people have the exact same memory, and are certain it really happened.

People all over TikTok have been sharing their supernatural recollections, and wondering where they've come from.

I mean, obviously no one can throw themselves down 16 steps and somehow glide to the floor without sustaining some kind of injury. Just so we're clear.

Reckon you'd make it?
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However, if you did try to do so, you'd probably suffer a pretty big bump to the head, which could explain the distorted memory.

Taking to TikTok, someone going by the handle @sbr_bone_and_star said she was really weirded out after seeing so many people's accounts that mirrored her own experience.

In a video, she said: "I've just seen this video this woman's saying apparently this is big thing all over Tik Tok.

"At the moment, people are talking about having a collective memory of floating downstairs when they were a kid, and it's completely blown my mind because I absolutely have this memory - I used to do it on the stairs in school.

"I would jump down about 15 steps in one go and kind of just glide onto the floor, and I now have recurring dreams about it.

"In hindsight, I was like, I just must have balanced myself a certain way, but you can't just jump down 10 steps and then like [motions floating] on the floor. I'm so weirded out right now."

Loads of people think they floated down their school stairs.
Alan Payne/Alamy

And there are many others just like her. Since she posted her video, it has been viewed countless times, receiving over 12,000 comments, with plenty of people sharing their own tales.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "I had this dream as a child floating down the stairs in my house."

Another chipped in: "I swear I can CLEARLY remember being like 6 and jumping down the whole 13 steps. Why do we have the same memory?"

"Yes!!!! Literally like I glided down and it didn’t hurt at all," put someone else.

While another added: "Wait a minute, I totally forgot about this until you said it."

If you have a similar memory, the chances are it's just a dream that you've convinced yourself is true.

Unless you are a superhero, in which case, you should probs be putting your powers to better use rather than posting on TIkTok. Selfish.

Featured Image Credit: @sbr_bone_and_star/TikTok/Shutterstock

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