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Former sex worker says there are three red flags to lookout for when your partner is cheating on you

Former sex worker says there are three red flags to lookout for when your partner is cheating on you

A former sex worker has provided her three red flags that a partner is cheating.

Some partners go months, years, and even decades cheating on their other half with them seemingly not in the know.

There are many reasons why people decide to cheat on their partner, ones that are a lot more divisive than others.

But the end result is that it often ends in heartache and destruction, unless the one who is being cheated on decides to ignore the fact their partner is doing the dirty on them to keep peace.

Obviously, splitting up with someone is never easy, you may have a family together and telling the kids is certainly a tricky one.

But for the vast majority of victims, cheating is a relationship breaker, and couples tend to go separate ways after the half being cheated on finds out.

Think you partner may be cheating? These three red flags may help you decide.

However, if you are in the camp where you suspect your partner may be cheating but have no evidence, listen up.

A former journalist and sex worker, who has obviously come in contact with cheating men, has provided three red flags that your partner is cheating on you.

Amanda Goff, known more commonly as Samantha X, was one of the highest-paid escorts in Australia, charging up to AU$1,500 (£810) for her services.

Despite that, she says that she is 'proud' to have saved marriages while under the name of Samantha X.

Now, the woman known more as Amanda these days, has provided her list of red flags that tend to show that a partner in cheating.

Writing for Daily Mail Australia, the first red flag that Amanda details is that your partner comes home with wet hair when it hasn't been raining.

Putting the cheater down as a husband on this occasion, Amanda said: "Unless there was a little rain cloud specifically over his head, where has he showered?

"Unless he's the type to wash off at the gym before home time (and you will know), he's taken his clothes off in a bathroom that wasn't yours."

The next red flag is a bit of an unexpected one really, as according to Amanda, your marriage suddenly improving is a red flag.

Amanda Goff says these are the three red flags to be looking out for.

She explains: "He brings you flowers, tell you how much he loves you more often, and is suddenly more romantic and appreciative.

"He could have just realised he's married a wonderful woman; or he could be sleeping with another woman."

Finally, the third red flag is that your partner's work habits have changed. This involves them having more meetings that usual and just generally finding it hard to get in touch with them during the day, according to Amanda.

The former escort concluded: "He's suddenly doing more overtime, more client dinners and more conferences away that he simply has to go to – and he makes a big noise complaining about it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amandagoofficial/Alamy

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