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People are still struggling to understand lad from iconic video years later

People are still struggling to understand lad from iconic video years later

Some people can't understand his thick accent, but he's gone into a job that's perfect

A lad from an iconic old meme where nobody can understand him has resurfaced and people are still having a hard time figuring out what he's saying.

Cast your minds back to the good old days of the internet and the time when Ruairí McSorley earned his 15 minutes of fame as 'frostbit boy'.

Check it out below:

Back in 2015 a clip of the lad heading to school in the snow went viral for his strong accent and his swiftness of speech making it pretty difficult to understand what he was saying.

The meme came after a teenage McSorely was asked about his icy trek to school and replied: "You wouldn't be long getting frostbit."

The man behind the meme actually did resurface a while ago after it was discovered that he was a man who'd been rescued at sea after deciding on the 'spur of the moment' to take an early morning swim.

Ruairí McSorley first found fame as the memeable 'frostbit boy'.

McSorely, now 24, had been staying at a caravan park near Inch beach in County Kerry when he decided to swim out to nearby Fenit Island.

However, the poor lad ended up spending 12 hours in the water and becoming 'dangerously hypothermic', with the RNLI having to go out and rescue him after someone found his clothes by the waterside and raised the alarm.

He'd made it to the island and had been swimming back when he was picked up by the RNLI with an incredibly low body temperature.

Full of praise for his rescuers and thankfully 'absolutely fine' despite his scary experience, he remembered that at one point he'd seen fins surrounding him and wondered whether he ought to have checked whether there were any sharks on the Irish coast.

A couple of years ago he had to be rescued off the coast of Ireland.
Ruairí McSorley

Thankfully, the fins actually belonged to dolphins, with his rescuers thinking they were perhaps trying to help get Ruairí to safety.

As for what he's up to these days, Ruairí recently appeared on the Happy Hour Podcast where he demonstrated that he had become no easier to understand in the years since being 'frostbit kid'.

Fortunately it seems as though he's gone into a profession where that's an advantage, as he performed an auctioneer's spiel for the podcast which was pretty much incomprehensible.

According to the Irish Mirror he said he'd wanted to move to the US and become 'an Irish auctioneer in Texas'.

He's certainly got the patter down to a tee, able to rattle through a series of numbers at lightning speed, though that did raise the question of 'how will people know what they're bidding on'.

"There's normally a screen," Ruairí explained.

Featured Image Credit: UTE/Happy Hour podcast

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