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Gen Z have cancelled skinny jeans and suggested what you should wear instead

Gen Z have cancelled skinny jeans and suggested what you should wear instead

It seems like a long overdue goodbye for the noughties staple

Neon printed t shirts and wrists filled of sh*g bands might have once been the big trend at school discos, but it’s safe to say they’re pretty much out of fashion nowadays.

Just like how big shoulder pads from the 80s aren’t as much of a thing in 2024.

And yet it’s a more recent style choice that’s really dividing generations, and no, it's not ankle socks this time.

It’s fair to say most of those born between 1981 to 1996 (and those of the inconspicuous late 90s generation) will have owned at least one pair of skinny jeans at some point.

Perhaps they had a pair lasting right from their teenage days into their young adult lives, either way they were a staple of noughties fashion.

Now that's what I call noughties. (Getty stock)
Now that's what I call noughties. (Getty stock)

However, some Gen Z members have seemingly cancelled the slim style of denim trousers with a suggestion what you should be wearing instead.

One TikToker took to the platform to share with her dozens of thousands of followers '3 ways' to style the figure-hugging jeans.

The user, @momohkd, sarcastically advised views exactly what to do with the first tip telling them: "Throw them out." She then jokingly popped the black skinny jeans in a bin.

The second 'styling' tip was to 'burn them', while the third creatively advised: "Cut them up and making something else."




Unsurprisingly, Millennials were not happy with the news that their beloved wardrobe essential was now no longer in vogue, with one TikTok user writing: "Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t like it."

"Guys what I kinda like them..." revealed a second while a third echoed: "I... kinda like them..."

Another hit out: "Can we stop hating on [sic]peaces of fabric...its just clothes."

It's an over due goodbye. (Getty stock)
It's an over due goodbye. (Getty stock)

"I know some people hate them but I really like them and fell really comfortable in them," admitted a fifth. A final skinny jean loyalist warned: "They’ll be back soon just wait..."

The rest of the internet, however, happily chimed in to the skinny jean slander with one TikTok user explaining: "I put a pair on yesterday for the first time in SO long and I immediately took them off."

A second quipped: "I genuinely don’t know how I ever wore skinny jeans, they’re uncomfortable and make me feel insecure like??? What was going on inside my head?"

"I put them on for a joke today and I nearly cried," commented a third.

And a fourth thanked the TikToker, before adding: "Idk why I ever wore skinny jeans like who let me out like that?"

Fellow Gen Z members have since rushed in to share other silhouettes former skinny jean advocates can opt for if they wanted to spruce up their style.

From cargo trousers and utility pants to the likes of wide and straight leg jeans, it’s apparently time to ditch the skinny.

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